Returning to the Basics What Is A Bong And How Do I Use It?

by Liu Renhao

Returning to the Basics What Is A Bong And How Do I Use It?
The first thing that comes to mind when you think of your first bong encounter is undoubtedly how terrifying it was. It might be intimidating if you just know how to use glass pipes or are a first-time bong user since there seem to be so many moving components to obtain a good bong rip. This is why we want to break it down for newcomers so you can chug it down like a pro the first time!

Bong components
Water bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the components are always the same: bowl, base, chamber, and mouthpiece. Other features of a bong include ice catchers, percolators, and other accessories, however the fundamental structure of a bong is made up of just a few pieces.

This is where you'll keep your bud and what you'll be lighting and removing before ingesting the smoke.

The base of the bong retains the water and is where the bong will rest when not in use.

This is the chamber where the smoke collects and travels up to just before you inhale. When using a bong, the smoke is processed in two stages: first filling the chamber with smoke, then fast inhaling and “clearing” the chamber.

The aperture in the tube where your mouth is put is referred to as the mouthpiece. This is where you will inhale the smoke before pulling it out of the chamber. When using the mouthpiece, keep your lips within the mouthpiece's opening rather than over it. Purse your lips slightly and carefully insert into the hole, creating an airtight seal that will collect the smoke.

How to make a bong out of water
You may buy any inexpensive glass bong and pour some water through the chamber into the base of the bong, just enough to fill the downstem (the part between bowl and base). For a bubble effect as you start to inhale, the water level in your bong should always be higher than the downstem - feel free to play with various amounts of water in your bong to determine which hits work best for you. Take a fast and deep inhale through the mouthpiece to check the amount of water - it should readily bubble without the water touching your lips.

When you put ice in your bong, you'll get cold, smooth bong rips that are perfect for novices. Take a couple ice cubes and drop them down the chamber via the hole in the mouthpiece. Add frozen fruit to your bong for a great flavour infusion to spice up your smoking experience!

Get your smoking materials ready.
After that, you'll crush some herbs and put them in your dish. It's critical to grind your cannabis before putting it into a bong bowl to achieve a smooth hit. Although it is possible to smoke nugs in a bowl, it is highly wasteful and does not burn evenly, therefore grinding your marijuana is a step you do not want to neglect. If the bowl has been used before, ensure sure any residue or leftover ash is removed before adding your freshly ground ganja.

Pro tip: Before grinding your Mary Jane, be sure to remove any stems or seeds; the finer your material is, the better! Visit to learn more about smoking accessories.

Fill the basin with ingredients.
You'll want to lightly load the bowl with your bud before packing it. It will be difficult to drag the smoke through the chamber if it is overpacked and too tightly packed. With experience, you'll be able to determine what size bowl is appropriate for you.

After packing the bowl, re-insert it into the hole where the downstem or the section where it attaches to the bong's base is located.

What is the best way to take a hit?
Make sure you have a stable hold on your bong and that it is put on a level surface or nestled between your knees when you're ready to take a hit from your freshly-packed bong. Grab the chamber section of the bong that is most comfortable for you with your non-dominant hand and utilise it as a grip.

Put your lips into the mouthpiece and prepare to inhale using the method described above, but don't start breathing just yet. It should also go without saying that bong etiquette exists and that you should follow it. If you're smoking in a public place, this includes cleaning your mouth and not slobbering all over the mouthpiece.

Light one piece of the ground MJ with your lighter while tilting it over the bowl. There's no need to light the whole bowl, and lighting small parts can let you smoke your contents more effectively. When you ignite the ganja, you'll start inhaling and see smoke collecting in the chamber.

Remove the bowl using the same hand that lit up the bong after you've gotten enough smoke to your taste. When you take out the bowl, you'll inhale the smoke that has been cooling in the chamber, waiting to shoot up to your lips. You can take as many hits as you need by covering the mouthpiece with your palm when you need to exhale if you can't inhale the smoke all at once. Each hit is taken in its whole by experienced bong users, although there are stages to this and it requires practise. Smokersguide has some great advice on how to use smoking accessories like bongs.

After taking a bong hit, be sure to exhale slowly and gently after inhaling. Bong rips might strike you in an unexpected manner, especially if you're new to smoking, so it's crucial to be cool. It's possible that you'll cough, and it'll feel like you're malfunctioning, but that's natural, and it'll pass. Congratulations, you've just mastered the art of bong ripping!

Each bong is unique, and there are several varieties of water bongs available. This is a simple tutorial to using a bong, and we hope it inspires you to go out there and toke confidently. Remember to take deep breaths and enjoy the ride!