Recycler Dab Rigs: What Should You Know?

by 聂德生

Recycler Dab Rigs: What Should You Know?

Dabbing is catching on pretty quickly, and there’s no end to the craze in sight. Sure, most people still have their prized bong as the centerpiece of their smoking room-- but more and more, recycler rigs are increasing in popularity. As an up and coming style in the world of dab rigs, recyclers offer a number of benefits. Read on to learn more about recycler rigs, and how they improve the dabbing experience for new and experienced dabbers alike.



What is a Dab Rig?

Dab rigs are designed specifically to smoke concentrates, waxes and oils. Unlike water pipes, which are crafted to smoke herbs, dab rigs cannot be used for dry herbs without an attachment. Many people contend that dabbing is preferable to smoking dry herbs, as it offers a more flavorful hit. But, dabbing also tends to yield more potent hits than traditional herb smoking. Learning how to dab can be intimidating, but once you get started, you’ll be a dabbing pro in no time.


In order to properly smoke a dab rig or recycler rig, smokers also need a titanium or quartz dab nail. This dabbing accessory is used to heat the concentrates or wax. The central idea behind dabbing is that the concentrates are heated quickly, which requires a torch. This is the only way to evenly and effectively heat the substance. Lastly, in order to transport the concentrates from the storage container to the nail, you need a dabber.



What is a Recycler?

A recycler is a special type of dab rig, designed to give smokers the optimal smoking experience. In a way, the recycler rig combines the ultra-smooth bong hit with the flavorful and potent dab. Because of the additional filtration, recycler hits are also cleaner. It’s the perfect combination, guys.


How Does a Recycler Work?

Recycler rigs are aptly named for the loop inside the piece, which causes the smoke to recycle during each hit. As the smoker takes a hit, the smoke travels into the water reservoir. Then, the smoke and water travel with each other, through percolators, the second chamber, and ultimately the separation tube. This process continues until the smoker ultimately inhales.



What Are the Benefits of Smoking a Recycler Dab Rig?

Recycler dab rigs have a unique and appealing aesthetic, but there are plenty of other benefits.


First, the thorough filtration process makes for quite smooth hits. Because the hits are much cooler, smokers can generally smoke more concentrates at a time.


Beyond filtering the smoke, the recycler rig also prevents spills and splashes, with a splash guard.


Overall, the recycler rig vastly improves the taste-- which is, after all, the primary reason that people choose to dab.


Recycler Bongs

Glass artisans have also applied this inventive concept to water pipes. These bongs work in the same fashion as their dab rig counterparts-- with the smoke moving in a continuous loop. If you’re considering a new piece to add to your collection, then we highly recommend this.



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At Eaglebongs, we’re always looking for new products that revolutionize the smoking experience. Recycler rigs are one of the newest trends, and will only continue to pick up steam. Be sure to check back for new products that will bring your smoking game to the next level!

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