On a Budget Dabbing

by Liu Renhao

On a Budget Dabbing
We have the best deals on dab rigs, oil rigs, dab nails, and other dabbing supplies. There are a few things you'll need in order to get the most out of your concentrates. We'll go through several budget-friendly solutions in this post. Don't be deceived by our inexpensive pricing; all of our items are manufactured of high-quality glass and subjected to rigorous quality control.
Under $100 Dab Rigs

A dab rig is the first and most critical tool you'll need to dab on a budget. You may convert an existing water pipe or bong into a dab rig by simply replacing the dry herb bowl with a dab nail of the appropriate joint size and gender. We strongly advise having a separate piece for concentrates and a separate piece for dried herbs. Don't worry if you don't already have a dab rig or a bong. We have a large range of under $100 dab rigs. There are a few factors to consider while looking for the ideal oil rig. You'll want a piece with a 90-degree junction so you can heat your nail safely and readily without damaging your setup or even scorching yourself. The size of the dab rig is the next item to consider; inexpensive dab rigs are normally smaller in size, which is why they are usually less expensive. Smaller dab rigs are a wonderful alternative since they are easy to transport and clean. When dabbing concentrates, you don't want to use too many percolators since the vapor quality will suffer. When looking for inexpensive dab rigs online, seek for a piece with one or two percolators so you can obtain decent diffusion as well as taste from your concentrates.

Affordable a dab of nail polish

A dab nail is the next item you'll need for dabbing. The quartz banger is the most popular and cost-effective nail. A 2mm thick quartz banger is available, as well as a 4mm thick quartz banger. Because of its stronger walls, the 4mm thick variant will keep heat for longer. Both are constructed of high-quality quartz and have huge buckets to allow you to vaporize as much concentrate as you like. Because quartz nails can resist severe temperatures, they may last an eternity if properly cared for. Another advantage of quartz bangers is that they relocate the bucket away from your rig, reducing the chance of your dab rig being damaged by heat from your dab torch. The 6 in 1 titanium nail is another cost-effective choice. This nail is ideal since it will fit any oil rig joint you may encounter, whether male or female, 10, 14, or 18mm in diameter.

Under $40 for a Dab Torch

So now that you have your dab rig and dab nail, it's time to swiftly and effectively heat that nail up. You'll need a dab torch to do this. We don't advocate using any old torch you have laying around the home since it may not have enough flame output to heat your nail quickly enough. On our online head store, we have a large selection of economical dab torches. A can of butane, which can be found at practically any gas station or convenience shop, is all you need to make the torch operate. Torches are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you're going to be traveling a lot, a smaller torch will be simpler to keep and transport. Most torches have variable flame settings, allowing you to burn your nail as rapidly or slowly as you desire.

Dabber Tools in a Variety of Sizes and Shapes

So, now that you've got your dab setup and your nail warmed up, what's next? Now it's time to light up! To vaporize your concentrates, you must place them on your hot nail. A dabber tool is used to do this. A dabber tool is basically a glass, titanium, ceramic, or quartz tool meant to safely and conveniently insert your dabs in your heated nail so you don't risk burning yourself. DO NOT use anything you have on hand since not everything is intended to survive severe heat as dabber tools are. Dab Tools are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they all perform the same function. A stainless steel dabber, which is offered on our website, is the most cost-effective dab tool. Some dabbers come with a carb cap, making getting a carp cab and dabber at the same time even more reasonable.

Carb Cap Glass Characters

You want to get the most out of your concentrates now that you've invested in a new dab rig, right? That's when a carb cap comes in handy. Carb caps are placed on top of a hot dab nail to limit airflow and let concentrates to evaporate at lower temperatures. This guarantees that none of your valuable concentrates are wasted. This will also improve the taste and increase the amount of vapor produced. You may purchase a dabber tool with a carb cap on the other end, which will save you time and money, as previously suggested. Make that you get the correct carb cap for your nail. The carb cap for a quartz banger is not the same as the one for a titanium nail. To limit airflow, the carb cap must completely cover your nail.

Storage Container for Silicone Dab

Last but not least, you'll need a place to keep your concentrates while they're not in use. It is essential to maintain them in a secure location and in a container so that they do not cling together. Silicone containers will allow you to easily extract what you need without losing a lot of concentrates that would otherwise be stuck to the edge of a standard glass jar. Silicone dab jars available in a number of sizes and shapes, allowing you to store a variety of concentrates in a little or large quantity.

On a Budget: Dabbing Necessities

You may get the most out of your concentrates on a budget by searching our website for inexpensive dab rigs and oil rigs, as well as dab nails, carb caps, and the other goods mentioned above. If you're a beginner dabbler, check out our bundle area, which has all of these things in one handy package at exceptional pricing. Our online head store takes pride in providing high-quality dab materials at affordable pricing.

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