Is the Shape of a Bong Important?

by 聂德生

Is the Shape of a Bong Important?
When it comes to smoking dried herbs, there are several techniques and accessories from which to pick. Nothing, however, compares to the cold, smooth impacts that water pipes can provide. Bongs are the preferred smoking method for many heavy smokers, and for good reason. They're easy to hold, the water filtration is excellent, and the item itself is a work of art. Glass artists have refined a variety of techniques as bongs have evolved from an underground movement pioneered by Tommy Chong to a mainstream smoking practice. Continue reading to discover more about the distinctions between these types and how to pick the best bong for you.

Bong with a straight tube

The most basic water pipe type is the straight tube bong. Straight tube bongs, unlike other forms, keep things simple. They use a downstem that should be immersed in water to filter smoke. Pieces in this design are simple to maintain and have a timeless appearance. Straight tube bongs also clear faster than other types of bongs, resulting in greater hits. This is the basic option for many smokers who are still learning how to use a bong.

Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong Bon (Zong)

The zig-zag form of bongs is quite popular, and for good reason. Some zig-zag bongs have only one curve, while others have many curves. Zig-zag shaped bongs, sometimes known as zongs because of their form, offer a few advantages.

To begin with, zig zag forms have a fantastic appeal. Second, and maybe more crucially, the zig-zag has a function. It acts as a splash guard, keeping water out of your mouth as it rises from the water chamber. This makes smoking a far more pleasurable experience.

Bongs in a Beaker

Today, beaker bongs are highly popular. Beaker bongs are formed exactly like the measuring instrument and are one of the most popular "laboratory" themed items. Because of the thick bottom section, beaker bongs make excellent everyday pieces. The wide base is ideal for a coffee table in your smoking area, and it won't tip over easily. Smoke can also be generated using wider beaker bongs. Bongs with a round base are similar in appearance and function.

Bongs made of Faberge eggs

Faberge Egg shaped bongs are named after the historical Russian jeweled eggs and offer a number of advantages to users. The egg-shaped percolator is a defining characteristic of Faberge Egg bongs. The body of certain bongs is shaped like an egg. Faberge egg percolators go well with other percolators because they give the bubbles more room to spread out. This results in a very smooth impact.

Bongs for Recyclers

Recyclers are a bit more technical than other bong models. However, because to the filtering, this distinctive design produces extra-smooth impacts. Recycler bongs, also known as multi-chamber bongs, recirculate the smoke many times through the filtering process. The smoke is directed via a bigger water chamber after passing through a percolator. The majority of recycling bongs have one chamber within the other, or both chambers are joined to the outside.

Bongs with a Percolator

Percolator bongs, while not a unique style, are extremely effective at filtering smoke. Percolator bongs usually include at least two percolators, each of which serves a different purpose. The percolators, for starters, have several slits that disperse the smoke as it travels through. Second, the percolators serve as the piece's main point. Because most perc bongs are made of scientific glass, you can observe how the smoke builds up within.


Bubblers serve the same fundamental purpose as bongs, but they're a lot easier to use. Bubblers are extremely portable because they are only little bigger than most glass pipes. Bubblers, on the other hand, include water, which makes for an excellent smoke filtering system. If you want the benefits of a bong but don't want to deal with the size, a bubbler is the way to go.

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