Is it true that the bong was created by someone? What inspired them to make it?

by Liu Renhao

Is it true that the bong was created by someone? What inspired them to make it?

Gather the youngsters about me, and I'll tell you a tale from the past. Back when a bag of pot might land you in jail for 20 years, or a roach in your car's ashtray could cost you your son and three years in prison (just ask Doug Sahm.) You'll find out from him.) We have to be creative because even paraphernalia might get you locked up.

Many serious tests were attempted due to the comparatively low quality of the weed at the time, as well as the seven kilometers through the snow required to score. Water pipes were purchased by some. Others preferred to "live off the earth" and make do with whatever resources they might find. The carburetor was invented after a genius punched a hole in the side of an old toilet paper tube. You'd insert the lighted joint through the little hole, place your palm over the front, take a huge hit, and then withdraw your hand while inhaling. This stuffed a shitload of smoke into your lungs at the same time! You tear it up and throw it away if the cops come knocking.

Then those creative brains started to change things: An ice dish filled to the brim with ice and metal foil. You poke a few holes in the foil with a pin on one end, then cut a small slit on the other. "Ice Pack" was the name for this. This is a wonderfully soothing cigarette. This is a subject with several variants.

All of these THC-inspired notions eventually prompted some technologically savvy stoner to apply them, and presto! It was invented the bong.

PS: Another kind of ice pack existed. By combining dry ice and an airtight container with a bunch of Mexican rag cannabis, you might increase the strength. Put the cannabis in with the dry ice and wait for it to melt. Was your plan successful? That's what we thought!