In a bong, how much water should I use?

by Liu Renhao

In a bong, how much water should I use?

If you're reading this, you're probably in possession of a reliable new bong. But you're not sure how much water to put in your bong before you start smoking it. Fear not: you've come to the correct spot, and we'll teach you how to get the ideal water level in the fastest and simplest method possible! It's crucial to understand how much water to put in a bong since it's the only way to completely appreciate the cool, filtered smoke it produces. Because bongs come in a variety of forms and sizes, smoking one without the appropriate water level may be a real pain (see what we did there?).

There's always more to learn, whether you're a bong smoking expert or just learning how to smoke a bong. Continue reading to discover how to determine the ideal water level for your new bong.

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What Is the Optimal Water Level for My Bong?

Let's get down to business: how much water should a basic straight tube bong hold? The quick answer is just enough to totally immerse the downstem and its apertures in water. If your water pipe's downstem doesn't have slits, make sure the downstem's bottom is approximately a half inch or so into the water. If you like, you may add extra water as long as no water touches your mouth when you inhale.

In a percolator bong, how much water should I use?

The ideal quantity of water for your bong will vary depending on its size. So, what if you've got a big scientific bong with a lot of percs and chambers? The concept remains the same: you must add enough water to completely immerse all of the perc holes. If your bong includes both a matrix and an inline perc, for example, both should be immersed in water. This step guarantees that you're getting the most out of your bong's filtering system!

What Is the Best Way to Fill a Bong With Water?

We'll show you how to fill a bong now that you know how much water to put in it. Filling your bong with water the incorrect way may create quite a mess, believe it or not.

Water Filling Simple Beaker or Straight Tube Bongs

The water filling technique is straightforward for basic bongs with simply a downstem. Simply pour water into the base via the mouthpiece (on top) until the downstem is completely immersed. Remove the downstem and pour water in via the stem if you want.

Adding Water to a Perc Bong

It may become a little more tricky when your bong has many percolators or chambers. The goal is to immerse the bottom of each percolator in water, as previously stated. Pouring water into the mouthpiece and allowing it to run down to the percs at the bottom is the ideal method to achieve this. If the water doesn't quite make it down, blow through the mouthpiece to force it down to the lower percs, or tilt the bong sideways (lightly).

Last but not least, there are the finishing touches.

Make sure that all of the percs are immersed when the water has settled. If the percs aren't submerged in the upper chambers, you can simply add extra water from the top. If you overfill a chamber by mistake, just tilt the bong to transfer the water to the bottom, then pour it out of the bottom. Instead of filling the bong from the top, you may fill it from the joint's stem.

What is the Purpose of Bong Water?

The water in your bong is what enables you to get those smooth, cold hits you want. It aids in the removal of many of the toxic poisons found in dried plants. The water in the bong cools the smoke, making the inhalation procedure more easier. Warm water is preferred by some smokers, while ice cold water is preferred by others. Other liquids may clog your bong and make it filthy, therefore we suggest only using water at Toker Supply.

What Is the Importance of the Water Level in a Bong?

As previously stated, the amount of water in a bong may make a significant impact in your smoking experience. You may enjoy cold, filtered smoke and simply drag the smoke through the water with the right water level. When your bong has too much water in it, your lungs have to work considerably harder to get the smoke out. It's also possible that you'll get water in your mouth. On the other hand, if you don't have enough water, you won't be able to fully use the bong's filtration and percolators.

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