If Alcohol is legal, why shouldn't cannabis be too?

by niedesheng
If Alcohol is legal, why shouldn't cannabis be too?
There are many similar problems, such as “if coffee is legal, why shouldn't marijuana be too?”. We often forget that there were some legitimate reasons behind prohibition.

Alcohol kills people. Its poison. It causes cancer, heart disease, psychosis, and consumption of it can kill you accidentally through drug interactions or by influencing you to do really stupid things.

Too many sanctimonious drunks think they’re not drug users. Alcohol is a psychoactive drug just like all the other recreational drugs, and daily Alcohol use is still habitual drug use,… a drunk is just another junkie. Alcohol kills more people here in Australia than die on our roads; our daily Alcohol toll is 15 deaths and 430 hospitalisations and these statistics are swept under the carpet. In the last 12 months Alcohol has killed more people than Covid has … and one cares, yet the World Health Organisation classes Alcohol as the world’s most dangerous drug, killing more people than all the other drugs combined. Time we got smart and called out Alcohol for the lethal drug that it is.
Whether its because of racism or a plot by big Pharma we can clearly say today that cannabis prohibition has resulted in a huge net loss for humanity.

I think going forward we will see it at the very least medically legalized in most jurisdictions. But with statistics like France where 43% of the population admits to cannabis consumption we can be assured that legalization and freedom of choice is likely on the horizon for many places. Thankfully the UN declared that cannabis was no longer a narcotic. This allows governments more freedom around how to regulate its sale and distribution.

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The funny thing is, you can die from alcohol directly, where there is no report ever of someone dieing from marijuana overdoses. It was all about profits and propaganda that played a role in the general majority's opinion of marijuana. Those ideas can be instilled and last a long time in the memory of a country, even when we forget where those thoughts came or originated from.

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