How to Use a Water Pipe with a Large Hammer Glass Bubbler

by Liu Renhao

How to Use a Water Pipe with a Large Hammer Glass Bubbler

So you want to get a glass bubbler or you already have one but aren't sure how to use it. You're not the only one who feels this way. Bubblers are becoming more popular as a method for recreational users to try out new ways of smoking drugs like cannabis.

It provides excellent water pipe functionality and filtration. Because of its mobility and ease, it's a terrific gadget to have with you at all times. The all-in-one item does not need any further attachments, and it is simple to use.

Here is some basic information on the huge hammer glass bubbler water pipe to assist you as you get started.

What Exactly Is A Bubbler?

A bubbler is a cross between a bong and a pipe. It has a tiny water chamber and a mouthpiece that extends. The gadget has an aesthetic design and is available in a variety of forms, patterns, and colors.

You have the choice of releasing the carb hole or elevating the detachable hitter component to enable ventilation after taking a hit. It is preferred by certain users since it is small and portable.

What Is the Difference Between a Bong and a Bubbler?

Because there is just a small line separating them, most people mix them up. Bubblers and bongs are essentially identical in that they both employ a water pipe. A bubbler needs water and employs a percolation device to filter smoke, resulting in smooth, soft hits similar to those obtained from a bong.

A bubbler and a bong vary in that a bubbler cannot be disassembled for cleaning. In addition, the bong has five parts: the tube, downstem, bowl, base, and carb, but the bubbler only has three: the mouthpiece, stem, and bowl.

When purchasing a glass bubbler water pipe, there are a few things to keep in mind.

With so many options available, choosing an outstanding glass pipe may be difficult. As a result, it's critical to know what to think about before making a buy. Although there are a variety of aspects to consider based on your tastes, the following are the most important:

Type of Glass

Bubblers are built of one-of-a-kind glasses that are not like windows or drinking glasses. Because of the unique nature of the job they do, manufacturers use complex design and engineering approaches. The final product is generally resistant to a variety of chemical compounds as well as high temperatures. As a result, look for glass that says "scientific glass" or "borosilicate glass." If they don't have a mark, you may seek advice from professionals on the finest glass to purchase.

Pipe Design

Glass smoking pipes may be used for a variety of items. For improved longevity, use an Eaglebongs product, but smoke from the huge hammer for a totally different yet long-lasting sensation. To get the most out of your pipe, pick a style that best meets your requirements.


The brand counts a lot when it comes to glass bubbler water pipes. You acquire a lasting and functioning glass bubbler, be sure to choose a device from a reputable company.

How to Make Use of It

It's easy to use a bubbler water pipe. To begin, fill the water chamber halfway with water. When utilizing a glass bubbler, the golden guideline is to use cold water; the colder the water, the smoother the hits.

One of the most important steps before using the bubbler is to grind your preferred cannabis buds. While there are a variety of ways to break down the buds, utilizing a grinder is the most effective for a variety of reasons. For starters, a grinder is reliable. It also gives cannabis that has been evenly processed. Second, it enables you to uniformly heat the cannabis particles, allowing you to get the most out of them.

However, depending on the consistency you prefer and how you intend to utilize cannabis, the technique you pick is entirely up to you. However, grinding cannabis is recommended since it lets it to enter the pipe more readily and produce more powerful effects.

Here's a rundown of the steps:

Fill the water chambers in the bubbler with filtered water until the bottom of the stem meets. Overfilling the bubbler will detract from the experience.

Fill the bowl with the fine weed.

To prevent pulling air from the outside, cover the bubbler's entrance with your finger or thumb if it has a carb. Rather of wrapping your lips around the tube's outside edge, consider inserting them within the aperture to create a seal.

Light the bowl, then gradually pull the smoke into the chamber before inhaling. Remove your finger or thumb from the carb after approximately 10 seconds or more of pulling the hit and inhale a big cloud of smoke from the chamber.

Take long drags with your finger or thumb over the carb while drawing the hit; the longer the pull, the larger the hit. If you're just getting started, start small and gradually increase the draw.

Take a brief breath after clearing the smoke in the chamber and taking your dose to draw the residual smoke into the glass.

Continue to push the button till you're pleased.

Throw aside the burned cannabis particles left in the bowl once you've finished using the bubbler.

The gadget must then be cleaned with water. You have the option of cleaning it every time you use it or cleaning it completely after a handful of uses. Also, wipe with a towel to keep it cleaner.

The Advantages of Using A Bubbler

Using a huge hammer glass bubbler has a number of benefits. One of the main advantages is that it's a great method to smoke on the go since it's so portable. The hits are also silky smooth, providing the greatest smoking experience possible.

Another advantage of utilizing a bubbler is its simplicity and unrivaled convenience. Larger bubblers are more robust, lighter, and have a higher capacity. It is a wonderful alternative for novices who have never used a bong before.


A glass bubbler is an important smoking accessory that you should have in your collection. It has a lot of useful functions and may last a long time.

The giant hammer glass bubbler is an excellent equipment for numerous circumstances, whether you want to smoke while reading a book or trekking.

Bubblers are unique in that they are simple to use and provide the greatest smoking experience. However, with so many bubblers on the market, you'll be able to choose a decent brand that will last a long time.

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