How To Use A Dab Rig Without Wasting Your Concentrate?

by niedesheng

How To Use A Dab Rig Without Wasting Your Concentrate?

Whether you are an amateur or the queen of concentrates, it is crucial to know how you can dab without a lot of wastage. We have a list for all those who are looking for tips and tricks to ace that dab!

Here’s how you can use a dab rig without wasting chunks of your concentrate.

The equipment you need

A water pipe

Of course, they look like the classic bongs (about 8-10 inches). You can get them from a local weed dispensary.

A torch

The usual torch you use at home will suffice. You can get them at any convenience store. Alternatively, you could also use an electric dab nail, which can be turned on and off. You can buy this online or in a smoke store.

A dab nail

In case you did not know already, a dab nail is something you use to vaporize the cannabis concentrate place inside the rig. You need to carefully check and buy one that exactly fits the gauge of your water pipe. There is a range of nails available in the market, but Titanium models are mostly preferred. This is because it can withstand the steaming hot temperature. Instead, you could also buy a ceramic or a quartz nail.

A cannabis concentrate

You can visit the nearest weed dispensary to find the one that suits you well. Weed concentrates are extracted and then refined; they are an extreme form of cannabis. However, we do not recommend dabbing with alcohol-based extracts as they might negatively impact your health. It is advisable to talk to the seller/distributor and inquire about how the extract was made before buying it.


A cap

Also referred to as the dome or a glass hood, a cap can be placed around the nail to prevent the smoke from escaping.

A dabber

You need a dabber to scoop the weed concentrate into the nail. The dabber is a glass/metal/ceramic implement used to apply a dab. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. We recommend you use a pointed or ballpoint dabber made of titanium. Odd shaped dabbers or glass shaped ones tend to cause a lot of wastage.

Now that we have all the necessary equipment ready, let us learn how to use a dab rig without wasting the concentrate.

Learning how to use a dab rig: Step-by-step

Step 1

Take a rig and fill it with enough water. This will make it bubble when you pull air through the rig.

Step 2

Take a nail and place it inside the joint. Take your dabber, scoop out a small amount of concentrate, and try to put it at the end of the dabber tool so that it drops off easily.

Step 3

Grab a torch and heat your nail until it glows red hot. Be sure to put the torch away from your glass. Otherwise, you may risk cracking it. Keep an eye on the nail and stop heating it once it turns orange. Place the dome/glass hood over the nail upon the joint.

You may skip this step entirely and jump to step 4 if you have an electric dab nail. You just need to turn it on and set the appropriate temperature. The optimum temperature for the nail would be 5500F – 6500F. This temperature range will preserve the terpene profile in your concentrates that is responsible for the yummy flavor.

Step 4

Hold back for about 40 seconds for the nail to cool down. The longer you wait, the better will be the flavor. But do not wait for too long because then the nail won’t vaporize the whole of your dab.

Step 5

Once your nail has cooled down to the optimum temperature, apply the dab onto the nail’s center. Now, place the cap above the top of the nail and begin pulling air through your dab rig gently. Don’t you already feel yourself flying to new heights?

Our tips for your perfect dab time

  1. Set a timerand ensure that you are letting your nail cool down to the right temperature. This way, the amount of time is left up to guesswork.
  2. Always keep the rig cleanby sanitizing the mouthpiece with wipes.
  3. Do not forget to clean the residue from the dabber, so it is all nice and clean for using it the next time.
  4. Always clean the nail after finishing the dab. It counts as good etiquette too!

So, do you feel ready to implement these techniques and correctly use the dab rig? We bet you do! Happy dabbing!

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