How to Take Care of Your Dab Nail

by Liu Renhao

How to Take Care of Your Dab Nail

Any seasoned dabber understands the significance of keeping your dab nails clean. It not only improves the taste of your concentration, but it also helps to increase the life of your nail. Furthermore, there's no doubting that it looks superior. Your dab nail, like your bong, should be seasoned and cleaned on a regular basis. If you let it become filthy, you'll have to put in a lot of time and effort to clean it up.

No need to be concerned; we'll teach you just how to maintain your dab nail clean. This way, you can get the most flavor out of each dab and improve the whole experience. Remember that depending on the type of your nail (quartz, titanium, or ceramic), there are various methods to clean it, which we'll go over below.

What you'll require:

Q - Suggestions

Alcohol for Rubbing

Tool for dabbing

Torch Dab

Taking Care of Titanium Domeless Nails

Many individuals believe that you should never clean your titanium nail. That, however, is a complete and total mistake. It's critical to keep your titanium nail clean - and it's simple to do. Rubbing alcohol should not be used to clean a titanium nail. Because titanium is a porous substance, rubbing alcohol might possibly harm the nail.

If you're going to use a titanium nail, be sure it's of decent quality. Using low-quality nails might be harmful to your health. It's time to clean your nail if it begins to collect debris or residue. The easiest and most successful method is to use a dab torch to heat the nail. Simply scrape off the debris with your dabber tool while the nail is still heated.

Quartz Nails, Quartz Bangers, Domeless Quartz Nails, and Other Quartz Nails

Nobody enjoys dabbing out of a soiled quartz nail! As a result, it's critical to maintain your nail clean at all times and after each application. Unlike titanium nails, you should not scrape the interior of your quartz nail using a dabber tool. It's possible that it'll be significantly harmed.

Low-temperature dabs are the best, as every true dabber knows. On your nail, find the ideal heating and cooling time. You'll get the most out of each dab this way. It's not only about getting the most out of your concentrates in terms of taste and strength. It also aids in keeping your nails clean. The oil may combust when dabbed at very high temperatures. Permanent stains appear on the nail as a result of this.

Unlike titanium nails, you may clean your quartz dab nail with cleaning solutions or alcohol. If your nail is very filthy, dip it with rubbing alcohol for a thorough cleaning. This should get rid of everything. Your nail will look and taste brand new after a quick washing with a Q-Tip.

Cleaning the bucket with a Q-Tip after each dab is the best and simplest method to keep your quartz nail gleaming. Simply soak a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol to do this. After you've had a dab, clean the inside of your quartz bucket, banger, or other quartz nails. This will absorb any remaining oil or wax. Using Q-Tips with sharp tips will make it much simpler to get into all of your nail's edges and wrinkles.

Any residual alcohol will be burned off the next time you heat up your nail.

Finally, it's critical to ensure that your concentration nails are clean and operating at their optimum. Concentrates cost a lot of money! This is particularly vital if you're dabbling on a budget. And you should extract the most flavor out of them as possible. After all, isn't the improved taste one of the main reasons you're dabbing in the first place?

In the long term, a little cleanup after each dab will save you a lot of time and money. It will also, of course, lengthen the life of your nail. Also, clean the junction of the nail to ensure that no extra oil gets into your dab rig's joint. Your nail may get caught or break as a result of this. Finally, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns regarding keeping your nail clean or dabbing in general. Toker Supply is more than simply a headshop on the internet. We're also a dedicated group of smokers and dabbers that like sharing their knowledge with our consumers.

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