How to Clean a Bubbler Cleaning Your Bubbler in 5 Easy Steps

by Liu Renhao

How to Clean a Bubbler Cleaning Your Bubbler in 5 Easy Steps

The Coronavirus epidemic is forcing people to disinfect their houses, and marijuana users aren't exempt from the cleaning craze.

We've all seen how our favorite glass pieces become dusty and caked with resin over time. Germs that may get us ill are trapped in our unclean glasses. Cleaning your glass items is thus more important than ever.

Bubblers, unlike bongs, do not have a detachable bowl or down-stem. This makes accessing the resin lining the interior of the item a little more difficult.

We have a wonderful instruction for cleaning a bubbler, so don't worry. Continue reading for the finest cleaning suggestions for your bubbler.

Cleaning a Bubbler in 5 Easy Steps
Cleaning your bubbler is a simple and straightforward procedure that just needs a little elbow work. Continue reading to learn how to clean a bubbler.

1. Make sure your piece is clean by rinsing it.
Begin by draining your bubbler of any unclean water. Then rinse it well with lukewarm water. Make sure the water isn't too hot, or your item may break.

Warm water will assist in loosening some of the resin and stray weed. Before going on to the next stage, give it a couple thorough rinses to eliminate as much filth as possible.

2. Pour the cleaning solution in.
It's time to pour some cleaning solution to your bubbler once it's been fully washed. It's critical to use a glass cleaning solution that cleans and disinfects.

Rubbing alcohol and coarse salt may be used to produce a simple DIY remedy. You may also purchase a cleaning solution made particularly to remove sticky marijuana resin.

These cleaners are more effective than cleaning solutions created at home. For a huge assortment of glass cleaning products, go to

3. Give it a good shake.
After you've filled your bubbler with cleaning solution, you'll need to seal up all of the holes. Because a bubbler is so little, you can obstruct the carb, bowl, and mouthpiece with your fingers.

After everything is sealed, give your item a good shake to release the glue. The cleaner your item is, the harder you shake it.

4. Scrub Hard-to-Remove Spots
After that, give your bubbler a good rinse with lukewarm water. Examine your bubbler for any obstinate places once it has been emptied. Then brush away with a pipe cleaner!

Bubblers often have a number of obstinate, difficult-to-reach areas. They're smaller than bongs and don't have any detachable parts, so cleaning them is a little more difficult.

Make sure you have a lot of pipe cleaners on hand; you'll need a few.

5. Refill and Have Fun
Okay, the time has finally come for you to see what you've been waiting for! Your bubbler is spotless and ready to be refilled with new water.

Make sure your bubbler is filled with purified water. Hard water stains are difficult to remove when using tap water.

Fill your bowl with new water when your bubbler has been full.

For the best results, keep your bubbler clean. Tokes Bubblers are a smaller, more portable version of the classic water pipe. These lovely small pieces pack a powerful punch and provide a pleasant smoking experience.

Cleaning a bubbler ensures a more enjoyable and healthy smoking experience.

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