How to Clean a Bong Without Getting Moldy Assembly

by Liu Renhao

How to Clean a Bong Without Getting Moldy Assembly
If you want to smoke in a healthier manner and keep your lungs clean, you must know how to clean a bong.
Bong cleaning is vital since a filthy bong may house mildew, spores, and pathogens in addition to looking unpleasant.

The more germs and mould you inhale each time you take a hit without cleaning your bong, the more bacteria and mould you'll inhale over time, whether you're using a glass or acrylic bong.

Finding a bong cleaning method that works for you is crucial. Using a bong cleaning solution or learning how to clean a bong with alcohol and salt are also options. However, there are benefits and drawbacks, and in this piece, we'll show you which is the best bong cleaning solution as well as how to clean bongs using common household items.

Without Using Alcohol, How to Disinfect a Bong
So, which two cleaning chemicals should never be used on a bong? All you need is isopropyl alcohol and salt. All you need is isopropyl alcohol and salt.

To be honest, this method of cleaning acrylic, silicone, and glass bongs, as popular as it is, does more damage than good. While they may remove buildup or residue from your bong, they scratch it in the process.
This might reduce the life of your bong; thus, avoid using this method of bong cleaning if at all feasible.

What is the Best Bong Cleaning Method?
1. Clean your bong with a bong cleaner, such as the 710 solution.
2.To clean the bong, add around 2 oz of bong cleaning solution to clean water.
3.Completely cover all of your bong's holes.
4. Shake your bong hard for around 30 seconds.
5.Rinse your bong under warm running water to remove any residue.
6.Ta-da! You've got yourself a pristine bong.

Cleaning your bong on a regular basis will make it easier each time and enable you to use less bong cleaner.
Continue reading to learn more about the dangers of using homemade bong cleaning and how to clean a plastic or glass bong.

Can I Use Isopropyl Alcohol To Clean My Bong?

Isopropyl alcohol is everyone's go-to for basic bong cleaning, and we're here to inform you that it's never a smart idea. For starters, isopropyl alcohol has a high amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to both your bong and the environment. The fumes produced by alcohol are highly dangerous to your health and should never be inhaled.

If you learned how to clean your bong with alcohol, you were also led in the incorrect route. Alcohol and salt should not be used on plastic since they may erode the material and release dangerous pollutants into your smoke.

Of fact, if you learn how to clean a bong with alcohol and salt, you'll be able to clean it rather effectively, but cleaning a bong with such caustic materials has far too many disadvantages. To be honest, combining alcohol and salt will not make your bong glitter as brightly as it could!

Here are several options for cleaning a bong with alcohol.
We understand that the best bong cleaning solution isn't always accessible, so if you're forced to clean a bong using rubbing alcohol, follow these guidelines.

Sea salt, which is used because it is rougher, harsher, and larger in size than regular salt, serves as an abrasive in combination with the alcohol to eliminate the build-up or mould. The problem is how hard the product is on your bong, regardless of the composition.

Expect it to be scratched and degraded if it's glass; if it's acrylic, expect it to be scratched and deteriorated as well. If the pigment in your acrylic water pipe is coloured, it will leak into your water chamber, resulting in a myriad of other problems. Avoid coarse salt and alcoholic drinks in general.

How to Clean a Plastic Bong the Right Way
If you're trying to find out how to clean a plastic bong, you can come up with some unusual cleaning solutions.
No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to clean any bong with soap and water! Following these simple procedures will make cleaning your plastic bong a breeze:

1.It's critical to clean your bong with the ResRemover.
2. Fill the ResRomover bag halfway with warm water.
3.Pour your dirty plastic bong into the bag.
4. Soak your item for at least 24 hours in the bag.
5.Take it out of the bag and rinse it well in warm water.
6.Congratulations, you now have a squeaky-clean bong!

If you're looking for instructions on how to clean an acrylic bong, follow the same steps. Cleaning your piece with soap and water will be just as unpleasant as before, with about the same amount of grime.

Where Can I Get the Cleanest Bong?
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