How to Clean A Bong and Avoid Nasty Mold Build up

by niedesheng

How to Clean A Bong and Avoid Nasty Mold Build up
Learning how to clean a bong is crucial for maintaining a healthier way of smoking and for cleaner lungs. 
Bong cleaning is essential because not only does a dirty bong look gross, it can accumulate in mold, spores, and bacteria.

Overtime, whether you are using a glass bong or acrylic bong, the more bacteria and mold is likely to be inhaled each time you take a hit without cleaning your bong.
It’s important to find the right bong cleaning method that fits your needs. You can use a bong cleaning solution or you can learn how to clean a bong with alcohol and salt. Both have its pros and cons and in this article we will show you which is the best bong cleaner solution and also exactly how to clean bongs with common household items.
How to Clean A Bong Without Alcohol
So, what are the two products you should avoid using to clean a bong? It's simple, isopropyl alcohol and salt.
Believe it or not, as common as this method is for cleaning acrylic bongs, silicone bongs, and glass bongs, they are actually doing more harm than good. While they may do the job of ridding your bong of build up or residue, it's also causing scratches in your bong.
This will affect the longevity of your piece, which is why you should avoid using this method of bong cleaning if possible. 
How to Clean a Bong
1.Use a real bong cleaner like the 710 solution. 
2.Pour in clean water with about 2oz of bong cleaning solution.
3.Completely cover all the holes of your bong.
4.Shake your bong vigorously for about 30 seconds. 
5.Rinse your bong with warm water.
6.Ta-da! You have a perfectly clean bong.
Tip: Cleaning your bong more often will make it easier each time and you can use less bong cleaner each time.
Keep reading below for more facts and information on the dangers of using DIY bong cleaner and learn how to clean a plastic bong or glass bong. 
Can I Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Clean My Bong?
Isopropyl alcohol is generally everyone's go to for easy bong cleaning, and we are here to inform you that it is never recommended. For starters, isopropyl alcohol contains high levels of VOC which is harmful not just to your bong but the environment as well. Fumes that are released from the alcohol are terrible for you and should never be inhaled.
How to Clean a Bong With Alcohol - If You Must
We understand that the perfect bong cleaner solution is not always at arm’s reach, so if cleaning a bong with rubbing alcohol is your only choice, remember these things. 
Sea salt which is typically used since it is more coarse, harsh, and larger in size when compared with regular salt, works in conjunction with the alcohol and functions as an abrasive which is used to remove the build up or mold. The issue however, lies in how tough the product is on your bong no matter the material.
If it's glass you can count on it being scratched, if it's acrylic you can also count on it scratching and deteriorating. If your acrylic water pipe is pigmented, that color will leak into your water chamber where you'll be experiencing a whole set of other problems. All in all, avoid both coarse salt and alcohol.

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How to Clean a Plastic Bong the Right Way
If you are trying to find out how to clean a plastic bong, you might come up with some interesting bong cleaning methods. 
Despite your best efforts, you won’t be getting any bong clean with soap and water! Follow these simple steps on cleaning your plastic bong:
How to Clean a Plastic Bong the Right Way Steps
1.Using the ResRemover bong cleaner will be key.
2.Fill the ResRomover bag with warm water.
3.Add your dirty plastic bong in the bag.
4.Soak your piece in the bag overnight.
5.Remove it from the bag and rinse with warm water
6.Now you have a clean bong!
The same rules apply if you are wondering how to clean an acrylic bong. When you use soap and water, your piece will be just as harsh with pretty much the same amount of gunk as before. 
If you learned how to clean your bong with alcohol, you have been led the wrong way as well. Alcohol and salt are dangerous to use on plastic as the plastic can corrode and cause harmful carcinogens to be released into your smoke.
Keep reading to learn about some of the more natural bong cleaning solutions that will keep your piece from corroding and will keep your lungs safe from chemicals that might be released from a plastic bong.  
How to Clean a Glass Bong Properly
Glass is the most popular form of bong, so we have tons of people wondering how to clean a glass bong properly. 
Number one, the secret to cleaning a glass bong is to find the right bong cleaning solution.
If you want a clean bong, sure, you might want to wash it with soap and water just like your other dishes, but weed resin makes bong cleaning different! That weed gunk is not going anywhere. Follow these simple steps on how to clean a glass bong:
How to Clean a Glass Bong Steps
1.Use the Mile High bong cleaner for a heavy duty clean.
2.Fill your glass bong with clean water and around 2oz of bong cleaner.
3.Make sure all holes/openings of the bong are covered.
4.Shake your glass bong forcefully. (careful not to hit anything)
5.Rinse it with warm water.
6.Now, you have a sparkly clean bong!
Tip: Cover the holes of your bong with plastic from recycled grocery bags for a tight seal while you shake.  

If you learned how to clean a bong with alcohol and salt, of course you probably will be able to get your bong pretty clean, but there are too many downsides to cleaning a bong with such corrosive substances. And to be honest, alcohol and salt will not even get your bong sparkly like it should be!
Get yourself one of the bong cleaning solutions that are available through Eaglebongs. You deserve to have your bong clean and sparkly on the daily. Get the job done by learning how to clean a bong the proper way with a bong cleaner that won’t corrode your piece.