How Often Should You Change Your Bong Water?

by niedesheng
How Often Should You Change Your Bong Water?
A lot of people let their bong water stew without thinking about all the germs that are growing there.

The maintenance and upkeep of weed paraphernalia is largely dependent on the person. You might clean your bong every two weeks or, if you’re that type of person, when the water starts to smell funky. If you belong to the latter group then you’re about to read some bad news.

While there’s no need to be obsessive, cleaning your pipe and bong is important. At the end of the day, these are the instruments that are handling elements that go inside your body, improving or messing with your experience. When it comes to the water in your bong, some people say switching out the water once a day is what you’re supposed to do, even if it sounds excessive.

Dirty bong water could lead to lung infections, especially if the bong is being used regularly. This water can quickly develop biofilm, which is filled with bacteria, yeast and all sorts of little creatures. Then there’s the fact that if the bong tips over and some of that water leaks onto any fabric, you’ll have a really tough time getting rid of the smell. Don’t do it.

For casual marijuana consumers — those who spend some times or weeks without using their bongs — it’s important to empty out your device after each use and to clean it with boiled water. If you know you won’t be using it anytime soon, let it dry completely before putting it away in a safe place that is warm and that will limit the chances of developing mildew.

When it comes to people who use their bongs every day, Westword recommends changing the water every 24 hours, unless you’re burning more than a quarter-ounce every day.

It’s also important to clean your bong at least every two weeks, utilizing alcohol and salt in order to prevent resin buildup get rid of other gunk that won’t melt away with hot water and soap.

If you’re bad at keeping track of your bong use and the state of your water, it’s pretty easy to know when you should give it a quick rinse. Avoid water that’s dark, that has resin, that’s moldy or that smells bad. If any of the above are occurring, you’ll most likely have a gross hit.