How Does A Recycler Bong Work?

by niedesheng
How Does A Recycler Bong Work?
Bongs have a rich and legendary history. They’re literally been a smoking staple for hundreds of years. However, within recent years, their collective popularity has seen a significant increase. Bongs now have all kinds of modern, innovative features that eliminate the more unpleasant aspects of using them. And that's why they're more beloved and essential than ever.

Recycler bongs circulate water and smoke throughout your bong in an almost infinite loop. Aside from the usual water chamber, recycler bongs have an additional water chamber to filter your smoke. There are simple two-chamber bongs for the discreet, practical user. There’s also this massive medusa bong that has complicated diffusers and tubes.
How does a recycler bong work?

Now don’t confuse a recycler bong to a multi-level bong like this Blaze Glass Microscope Multi-level bong. Smoke in multi-layer bongs passes through the chambers of water for filtration. A recycler bong, on the other hand, “recycles” smoke by letting it go through in a loop of air and water repeatedly between the primary and secondary chamber until you release the vacuum inside the bong.

The system starts when water is sucked from the percolator. The design of the bong directs water to the second bigger chamber where the smoke and water chugs together. Both water and smoke pass back up to the first water chamber, and the smoke comes up to the mouthpiece. The cycle goes on and on as you chug. The process prevents the smoke from getting stale, and the recycling cools down the smoke.

The result is a hit that is:

1.Packed with flavor



How do recycler bongs improve smoking experience

Smoke from your herb becomes stale the longer it comes in contact with air. Recycler bongs limit the amount of air your milk is exposed to, so there’s less oxidation in the process. The bubble pops closer to the mouthpiece as well, so you get to inhale the smoke almost instantly once it pops out of the water. The heat of the smoke lowers down each time it touches the cooler water surface. Plus, the chugging of the water and smoke also filters out toxins from the smoke so it hits smoother.

Don’t be intimidated by the chambers and the tubes of recycler bongs. They are all fairly easy to maintain as long as you follow the recommended cleaning regimen. The tubes are large enough for the salt and alcohol to pass through — no need for complicated cleaning and scrubbing techniques. Regular upkeep is required since the recycler bong is all about flavor. You can’t appreciate it if your bong is dirty and clogged with residue.

Recycler bongs are perfect for those who are trying out smoking herbs for the first time. It’s also recommended for those who need bigger hits yet hate the harsh heat of big rips. Check out our collection of recycler bongs. We also have recycler rigs for those who wish to have a smoother dabbing experience.