Helpful Tips for Smoking Water Bongs

by niedesheng

Helpful Tips for Smoking Water Bongs

And once we have explained what water bongs are and how they work step by step , the question is, do you smoke bongs ? Do you use this new way of smoking in a water pipe? If your answer is yes, then you should know these simple as well as useful tips that Eaglebongs offers us :

  • A hookah is a great way for a new smoker to try smoking. However, keep in mind that you don't want to inhale as long or as hard as other experienced smokers, as this can lead to coughing a lot.
  • If you feel like you're going to cough, move your mouth away from the bong. Coughing into the bong with the pipe and bowl still in the bong will send everything (including tobacco or weed) flying.
  • Leaving water stale or unchanged can create a very unpleasant odor if left for long periods of time. To keep your bong tasting smooth and pleasant, clean it with a simple mix of salt (coarse salt preferably) and alcohol (the more USD the better). Shake it a couple of times and soak it for a moment to remove all the resin.
  • If you feel like your lungs have been destroyed by a touch and you feel pain, "take a few deep breaths" (even if it's painful) and it will ease the pain after a few moments. Refreshing your lungs is key to avoiding coughing and pain.
  • If you do happen to cough and feel like you've inhaled through the wrong end of a flamethrower, after breathing fresh air into your lungs, if your throat continues to burn, having something sweet usually helps. Fresh and non-carbonated is best. The open can of soda that has been in the fridge since the night before just became your best friend.
  • Pressing the lighter lying on the bowl, making it airtight, will help you get the last of your mix.
  • Use a thin toothpick, preferably an unfolded paper clip, to remove product residue and ashes from the bowl after use, making it easier and smoother for the other person.
  • Do not use Gatorade or some other type of fruit juice (apple, white grape) instead of water to add flavor, it will make your bong sticky and it won't hit you as much because the sugar molecules wrap around the THC making it harder to absorb into the bloodstream.
  • Always pass the lighter along with the bong to the next person so you know where it is.
  • To clean your bong, use 90-100% ethyl alcohol and any type of coarse salt, shake it up, and throw it in the bathroom. Make sure you flush now or the toilet will stick with the resin, and then rinse off any alcohol or salt residue before filling it with water and smoking again.
  • Adding a few drops of milk to the water covers the glass to prevent the resin from sticking to the sides of the glass and reduces harshness. Wash every 3-4 days.


Shopping guide: everything you should know about bongs

How to smoke with a bong ? What benefits can the experience bring me? These and other questions may come to you if you are starting to explore the benefits of marijuana and these hookah brothers . But don't worry, that's what we are for. Here are the most frequently asked questions about bongs for smoking marijuana, tobacco and other substances.

Parts of a bong

The main function of the bong is to filter the smoke from the inhaled substance. Before reaching you, go through water (in some cases ice). In this way, the experience is fresher. It is an ideal method for those who are starting. But what are the parts of a bong ? Next, we review each of the parts of a bong so that you understand it better:


  • Bowl:In a bong , the bowl is that part where what you are going to smoke is located. In some cases, this element may be made of a special material (usually steel or copper).
  • Stem:How does the bowl connect to the bong ? Well with the stem. It is a tube that joins the bowl and the base of the bong . The stem is largely submerged at the base, so it comes into contact with water.
  • Base:Logically, it is the inner part of the bong that serves as the pillar of the contraption. It is usually wide because it is where the water is deposited. A typical image of the bottom of a bong is that of bubbling smoke.
  • Camera:This item doesn't hide too much mystery. It is the conduit that carries the smoke from the base to the mouthpiece and later to your mouth.
  • Mouthpiece:Before reaching your mouth, the smoke passes through the mouthpiece. We speak of a mouthpiece when we refer to the top opening of the bong . In this, you have to put your mouth to enjoy the substance when inhaling the smoke.
  • Carburetor:Some bongs include carburettors, mainly glass ones. It is usually removable. These are small holes above the level of the water. They are used to manage the smoke from the chamber.


Types bong : bongs acrylic and bongs glass

Although currently bongs can be made from practically any material (there are bamboo bongs ), the most common options are acrylic bongs and glass bongs . A priori , there is no bong better than another. It all depends on the quality of the product and, above all, on your needs. But let's take a closer look through this comparison table:


Advantages of smoking with a bong

What are all those wacky weed-patterned tubes and designs, Ethiopian and Rastafarian flags everywhere? Obviously, it is marketing . But beyond that, the product works very well and provides a superior experience. Do you want to know its advantages? We present them below:


  • Potential reduction in long-term effects
  • Water-filtered smoke helps remove toxic components 
  • Flavor textures are increased
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Economical and durable
  • It allows better control of the amount smoked
  • The experience is purer

How to prepare a bong to smoke with it

Using a bong for smoking can be an unforgettable experience, but you have to know how to do it. Obviously, no one is born learned and, no matter how much we explain, only time and periodic use of the bong will make you a true master. But to begin with, it is not a bad idea to talk about how to prepare a bong to smoke with it. Take note!

  1. Fill your bongwith water: In order to use the bong to smoke marijuana or tobacco, you need to first fill it with water. It is very simple. The stem should be partially submerged in it (approximately between 3 and 7 cm from it, it also depends on the size of the bong ). You can use other liquids such as tea or fruit juices to give your puffs a different flavor.
  2. Fill the bowl:You can have the stem already in the bong or not, you choose. It is advisable to crumble the bud. You can also use a filter. In case you have loaded the bowl without the stem on, do not forget to place it before you start smoking.
  3. Start by lighting the bud:When you have done it, take the bong and place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Prepare to inhale. Be careful when lighting the grass, you should not burn the bowl more than necessary.
  4. Generate smoke and fill the bong: While you comply with the previous section, inhale so that the chamber accumulates smoke. If your bong has a carburetor, cover it while you do this. When you've generated the smoke you want, the hit is imminent. Be prepared.
  5. Empty the bong: Do you already have the smoke you want? Empty the chamber by inhaling and release the carburetor. In case it does not have, you will have to extract the stem. If there's still smoke in the chamber after your first hit, don't worry, it's not the end of the world, take another!

Purchase criteria

Now that you know better about the smoking bong and its benefits, you are probably already convinced to buy one. Logically, as with any other product, the purchase must be smart. What do we mean by smart shopping? To choose a product that really suits you. To do this, you can base yourself on the following purchase criteria:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Number of cameras
  • Cleaning


Broadly speaking, we can talk about three types of bong in terms of shape: with a hole or carburetor, a straight tube, and bong with a round base. The carburetor is more of an additional question than of form. Although it is generally present in ceramic or glass bongs , it can also be included in others. But let's look at these three features in a little more detail:

  • Carburetor:We have already mentioned it above. These are holes that allow smoke to accumulate or release depending on whether or not you cover them with, for example, your thumb. Apart from releasing smoke, they serve to speed it up as much as possible by mixing it with fresh air.
  • Straight tube:Long like a spike, they have a simple design. They are like a conical tube. Some smokers like bongs with a straight pipe, but one that is very long. The reason? They defend that the smoke takes longer to inhale, so it reaches the smoker fresher.
  • Round base:Although they look like laboratory utensils, they are not. The operation is the same as that of the straight tube bong . The only difference is stability, because having a wide base they hold up better supported and without the need to be restrained.


Size is closely linked to capacity. As for round base bongs , they generally offer a high capacity due to their base type. However, they can be more difficult to handle, especially if you are only going to smoke. Many smokers notice the tube of the camera. Some prefer it long (cooler smoke) and others short (more intense puffs).

The quantum of volume:

  • Below 500 ml, we are talking about a small bongintended for people who smoke alone or who have just started.
  • The standard size is between 500 and 1000 ml (with an average of 750 ml).
  • For experienced users or those who are going to smoke in a group, bongsof more than 1000 or 2000 ml are recommended.

Number of cameras

Although for someone starting one chamber is more than enough, there are bongs with two or more chambers. The best bongs , which we have collected on our initial list, are generally single chamber. But we've also included a very cool four-camera option! But why are multi-chamber bongs  sold ? What is its functionality?

  • Multiple filtration, which translates into fewer toxic agents.
  • Much smoother flavor. The more chambers the smoke has to go through, the more weakened the smoker will get, making the puffs less harsh.
  • If ice or cold water is used, the result is superior freshness.


Logically, you will be looking for a bong that is easy to maintain. They are generally easy to clean. However, keep the material in mind. For example, plastic ones are porous. The ceramic ones, not so much, but they are more fragile. Those made of glass are also fragile, but it is true that they are not so porous. Cleaning a bong is simple, but value the time you have:

  • When you're done smoking, prevent mold from growing by removing the water. For dirt, rinse the bong with hot water and dry it well. You can use kitchen paper or a clean, dry cloth.
  • For areas where dirt or resin accumulates,if with a routine pass you cannot remove them, try some alcohol. Alcohol wipes are very helpful. Of course, after eliminating the problem, rinse the bong again with hot water and dry it thoroughly.
  • Obviously, it is good to disassemble the pieces to wash them one at a time. It won't take too long, so it's best not to be lazy. Please note that it is a smoking device. Doing it while this dirty is not very smart, since the dirt will be inhaled by you. Unpleasant, huh?

Scholars of marijuana and its world place the appearance of the bong in African lands. This is explained by various excavations carried out in Ethiopia where supposed bongs dating from the 12th century were found.


Smoking marijuana is becoming more and more socially accepted. Like any other substance, it must be consumed in moderation. If you are responsible, you will know how to get its many benefits from it. In this sense, the smoking bong can help you enjoy a better experience. Especially if you are a beginner, as it makes puffs softer and more controllable.

But to buy a cheap high-end bong , as well as to learn how to use it, you have to thoroughly understand the different possibilities that are offered. Explore sizes and shapes, but also the elements that make up the bong , such as the tubes, the carburetor or the base. By reviewing this content, you can safely delve into the world of cannabinoids.