Have you ever used cannabis before? Here's How to Do It

by Liu Renhao

Have you ever used cannabis before? Here's How to Do It

If you're new to cannabis, learning how to use it might be intimidating, particularly if you're worried about how the high will effect you. There are a variety of ways to ingest cannabis, which is now legal for recreational use in Canada, but you may need to experiment with multiple techniques before deciding which one is best for you. Remember that no matter the approach you select, you'll most likely need to practice it many times before mastering it.

Using a Water Pipe to Smoke (Bong)

A bong is a kind of water pipe that is used to smoke marijuana. The name bong comes from the Chinese word baung, which implies bamboo tubes used to smoke marijuana. A bong nowadays seems to be more sophisticated, despite the fact that it functions in the same manner.

It has a bowl where you may put the cannabis and then light it, as well as a water bowl underneath it. The water begins to bubble as you inhale, and the smoke rises through the water before entering your mouth.

Smoking pot via a bong rather than rolling it up on paper will give you a smoother experience since the water in the bowl cools the smoke, which does not happen with a wrapped joint. However, even with a bong, smoking is dangerous to the lungs because to the toxins released during the combustion process.

Using a Bowl to Smoke

A bowl is perhaps the most conventional manner of smoking cannabis. Make sure your bowl is clean and dry before you start using it. Now crush your bud, but not so finely that it becomes powder. It could fall off if it doesn't. Take a pinch of your bud and put it in the bowl with your thumb and index finger. Make sure the bud is properly packed, but don't overdo it.

Make sure the bud is properly packed so it doesn't fall out, but not so tightly that it's difficult to get a nice hit. Light the bowl now, but make sure you corner it and just light a part of the green in the middle. You will be able to smoke for a longer period of time this way.

Users who wish to take a few hits at a time should use a bowl. On the other hand, a bong enables you to smoke for extended periods of time.

Smoke is toxic to the lungs and may cause tissue scarring whether you smoke with a bowl or a bong. Furthermore, if you tend to retain the smoke in your lungs for longer periods of time, your lung tissues are exposed to more tar every breath.

Blunt or Rolling and Smoking a Joint

Another popular method of cannabis consumption is rolling and smoking a joint or blunt. Begin by making a fine powder out of the flower. Then, make a crutch or a filter out of business cards or solid cardboard if you don't have any on hand. Fill the joint paper with cannabis after that. To secure the paper, pack it, wrap it up, then lick the end to seal it. Finish with a strong poke and twist before lighting it up and enjoying it.

Rolling joints and blunts is quite simple, particularly if this is your first time. They do, however, have one important drawback: they burn rapidly. It's possible that you'll have to light it a few times. These issues arise when you do not correctly roll it, which is typical among first-timers.


Don't know how to deal with shatter? Smoking shatter is as easy as crumbling it on top of your cannabis and rolling it like a joint. You may also use an oil rig, vaporizer, or vape pen to ingest it.

The most notable benefit of shatter is that it produces a high rapidly. Keep in mind that shatter is one of the most strong marijuana strains. If you're new to cannabis, start slowly and in modest doses to prevent an unpleasant experience.


Vapes are small electrical devices that produce vapor that may be inhaled. All vapes operate on the same basis. The extract is heated by a battery-operated heating device, which produces vapor that you inhale via a mouthpiece. If you're vaping cannabis, don't purchase a vape that's made for vape juice unless it says it's multi-use.

Keep in mind that vaping is a relatively new phenomena, thus there have been few research on the health implications of vaping.


Edibles are cannabis products that may be consumed orally and include foods, pills, lozenges, and more. The dosage varies from person to person and is determined by internal physiology. 1 to 2.5 mg THC edibles are advised for minor pain, tension, and anxiety alleviation. When used in excess, unpleasant side effects might occur. Wait at least two hours after taking the first dosage for the effects to appear.


Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-infused cannabis extracts. It must be decarboxylated with a cannabis flower before consumption. Next, combine cannabis and alcohol in a mason jar. One 750-milliliter bottle of alcohol is usually used for every ounce of cannabis flower. Allow a few weeks for the cannabis to soak, stirring it once a day. After that, strain it through a coffee filter. You may use it to flavor your favorite beverage or food.

The advantages of tinctures are many. It works quickly, is undetectable, and is simple to administer. Start slowly and patiently observe the effects, since an overdose might result in unpleasant highs.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

It's important to be calm while using marijuana for the first few times. Experiment in a controlled situation, go carefully, and start with a tiny amount to get the best high possible. As you gain experience with cannabis, you'll be able to determine which form you like and what amount you can tolerate.

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