Glass Pipes: 5 Summertime Tips

by Liu Renhao

Glass Pipes: 5 Summertime Tips

Every smoker adores their collection of glass bongs, pipes, bubblers, dab rigs, and other accessories. The collection in a smoking room is often the focal point of the room. In addition to a useful array of tools, a well-curated ensemble frequently serves as a brilliant exhibition of glass creativity. Summer is almost around the corner now that winter is over and temperatures are increasing. Do you understand what it means? It's time to make the most of the weather and the positive atmosphere. As a result, glass pipes are the best smoking accessory for the season.

These little, lightweight glass pipes are the perfect way to enjoy your dried herbs without the hassle of a bigger pipe. In this piece, we'll give you some advice from your favorite online headshop on how to get the most out of your glass pipes throughout the remainder of the spring and summer.

1. Take Care Not to Break Your Piece

Even now, despite the availability of multiple alternatives and decades of use, the glass pipe remains the most popular and iconic method to consume herbs. Sure, they're the most basic, but there's a reason they're the standard and go-to tool. A pipe or bong's greatest value is often its simplicity.

Smokers like the glass pipe for its tiny size and mobility, in addition to its purpose and convenience of use. They're small enough to slip into purses, backpacks, distraction safes, or even your pocket. However, mobility comes with one drawback: the possibility of damaging your pipe if you're not cautious.

How to Keep Glass Pipes from Breaking

So, what can you do to avoid this? Obviously, how you handle a glass pipe determines how likely it is to shatter. In addition, the quality of the glass is an important consideration. Ordering high-quality, scientific glass pipes is a good approach to guarantee that they'll last as long as they're little. Essentially, pipes made of higher-quality glass lower the chances of an unexpected and inconvenient abrupt breaking.

Online headshops often provide significantly higher-quality merchandise than their brick-and-mortar equivalents. We have access to a wide range of outstanding items, as well as manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to providing top workmanship and materials. Local headshops often limit their business to local sources and suppliers, entangling them in a limited network of inferior items that they sell between themselves. So, even if you go to a second neighborhood headshop after the first one disappoints you, you'll probably find the same items.

Of course, another certain approach to keep your glass pipe in good shape is to store it securely and treat it with care. Keep it off high surfaces like counters, shelves, table edges, and mantlepieces while you're not using it. Protective cases are also a good purchase to safeguard your device from harm, particularly if you're taking it on the road. If you're prone to butterfinger drips, you should always be extra careful and alert while handling or cleaning your glass pipe.

2. Indulge in Summer's Simmering Splendor

Finding new, engaging, and attractive areas to smoke is one of the finest ways for smokers to enjoy the summer. In fact, it often has a highly ritualistic, culturally traditional air about it. There's nothing wrong with smoking at home or in the garden, of course. In the summer, though, there are many more outside spots where you may enjoy dry herbs with companions. A distinctively summer method to enjoy smoking is to keep the practice alive by creating fresh and unique experiences.

Why not take a puff from your glass pipe while resting on a pool float? This isn't only a stylish way to relax and smoke your pipe. Furthermore, it's another one of those once-in-a-lifetime chances, so take advantage of it while you still can! Obviously, this is another activity you should tread cautiously, as dropping your pipe (and herbs) in the water would be a great pain. Of course, the beach is a great location to chill, enjoy the atmosphere, appreciate the scenery, and smoke your pipe all summer long.

Are you going camping this summer? Glass pipes are an excellent addition to any campfire circle. They're not only usually welcomed with delight and thanks, but they're also great for sharing (safely, of course - keep it clean!) and concealing and transporting.

3. Take in Summer Activities

Aside from the natural beauty of summer, there's a lot you can do that smoking will only make better. Of course, with the COVID-19 epidemic wreaking havoc on our lives this past year, regular summertime activities were severely hampered. Many activities involving huge crowds of people may be canceled this summer, or they may be altered in some way to guarantee your safety.

If there are any county or state fairs in your region, bringing your glass pipe along may be a great experience. After the excitement of the Gravitron, nothing rivals the flavor of a hot, sweet funnel cake. And what's the only way to make it even better? Use your glass pipe to take a hit.

Another great chance for summertime smoking is the Fourth of July. A thumb on your pipe's carb on a warm summer evening as multi-colored, enticing fireworks fizzle and crackle and brighten the sky around you is one of the most stunning things you can do. Isn't it incredible?

4. Watch movies or play video games

Nobody can disagree that summer is the best season to enjoy the fresh air, sunlight, and warm evenings. A night in once in a while, on the other hand, isn't some heinous crime against Mother Nature. So, if you're going to remain home and turn up the air conditioning, why not make the most of it?

Playing video games with pals might help you satisfy your competitive urge or just enjoy some good sportsmanship. Remember: no one loves the person who plays as Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. or uses their special abilities in Mortal Kombat to exaggerated levels.

A glass pipe can only improve the evening, whether you're just having fun or out for blood. If you're not in the mood for video games, you can always watch some of the greatest binge-worthy shows for smokers on Netflix.


There's a reason why summer is regarded as the greatest season of the year. Summer will be substantially better if you have a glass pipe with you at all times.

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