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Is it that time of year where the dirtiness of glass just seems to keep adding up
While spending extra time inside right now means getting more use of each piece, it also means more cleaning. Even after getting a heavy rotation going, it can be hard to keep every dab rig, bong, or bubbler piece perfectly clean. If you are wondering, what measures can be made to protect my hygiene during these times? DHC has got some nifty tricks in store to get an idea of the variety of steps that might make smoking a little cleaner and safer during these circumstances.

Clean Glass Regularly
This is one of the most basic yet most important things to keep up with during this time. Whether you have a dry pipe, water pipe, silicone piece, or homemade piece, whatever it is, keep it clean! One easy and basic way to keep it clean is by using Isopropyl Alcohol and table salt. In addition, there are brands that actually specialize in glass cleaning solutions, like ResRemover, which is perfect for getting off the deep grime and dirt off of glassware. Check out our blog on how to get glass back to brand new here.

Change the water regularly
It doesn’t matter what kind of device is being used, if it requires water; then it should be changed regularly. Good glass health provides for the most quality delivery in not only the way it feels, but also for the body. Keeping it clean can also promote glass life longevity so that the piece lasts longer.

Use an ash catcher
An ash catcher acts as an extra filtration system for glass which is perfect for the time of year. The purpose to these add ons are pretty self-explanatory, the attachment catches any extra ash that may fall through while pulling, which makes for a cleaner and smoother rip. This also allows for the cleanest, most filtered hit possible and provides optimal performance for any standard piece. Check out the .

Use hemp wick
Using hemp wick is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to maintain cleaner smoking habits. By using hemp wick you are eliminating the gasses and chemicals that could be exposed from lighting a bowl and instead are using a more natural alternative. Hempwick burns at a lower temperature than a traditional lighter as well, resulting in smoother, tastier smoke. A couple smart storage ideas are to wrap the wick around the lighter or piece so that it is never forgotten about! Check out the mini kit which not only includes hemp wick, but also pipe cleaners for the hard to reach creeks!

Clean after every use
This very general guideline pertains mostly for the dabbers out there. The nail tends to build up resin a lot quicker, so it's important to keep cleaning utensils on hand and nearby the set up. Luckily, the industry has already innovated a tool for this; Glob Mops are a nifty cotton swab cleaning utensil that are perfect for single use as well as cleaning after every use. This is a simple way of maintaining glass hygiene that will lead to clean and quality delivery each time.

Use a joint holder or roach clip
To avoid having everyone’s finger germs invading the direct part of the cone that is put up against the mouth, use a joint clip. This holds the cone when it’s lit and makes it a lot safer to smoke with a buddy while still practicing safety precautions. DHC has a custom logo gold roach clip that’s perfect to prevent oversharing, the chain is designed to avoid losing it by wearing it around your neck so that it’s always ready to be used!

Use a smoke buddy
This primarily pertains to those stuck in the house and who might be living in a place that is not-so-fond of smoking. Perhaps under the same roof as roommates, family members, or maybe live in a shared complex, this odor proof and resin blocking technology might be just perfect. The Smoke Buddy traps lingering smoke inside so that there is zero evidence of residue or smell for even the most powerful rips.

Practice good bowl hygiene
Finally, make sure to practice clean bowl hygiene, just because it’s the smallest piece doesn’t mean that it should be excluded from proper cleaning. Infact, it is one of the most directly frequented parts of glass so it’s very important to keep it in good health. Ways of doing this could include regular cleanings, fully ashing the piece after each use, and not allowing resin build up on the inside. One easy way to ensure it’s fully ashes every time is by having a specific dish for that, check out the nifty debowler at our online site for just $6.99.

Use filters
If it’s possible, use a filter while sharing to avoid directly sharing pieces with others, filters can also be good for personal use to simply ensure the cleanest approaches. Check out this MouthPeace set that includes three carbon filters available at DHC now. A filter like this will not only provide an extra protection for your lips /mouth area but will also provide for a smoother hit.

There are endless dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, and pipe tool accessories when it comes to smoking and safety but the most important thing is to listen to your body. Smoke safely and take extra precautions when it comes to taking care of your health.

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