Five Reasons Why You Should Corner a Bowl

by 聂德生

Five Reasons Why You Should Corner a Bowl

Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass It's a long-standing habit among smokers worldwide, particularly among those who love the company of fellow smokers. However, smoking with your companions might hasten the natural depletion of herbs. However, there are a few things you can do to get the most of your herb. For smokers who want to save the marijuana in their glass pipes, cornering is the best method. Continue reading to learn more about cornering and why it's the greatest tactic for you.

What is the definition of cornering?

Cornering may be second nature to certain seasoned smokers rather than a mystery strategy. Cornering allows smokers to distribute the herbs evenly across the glass pipe for many hits. And, as you might expect, the procedure is fairly straightforward. Smokers fire only a piece of the herb, or a corner, rather than igniting all of the herbs in the bowl. This extends the life of the herbs, allowing you (and your companions) more time to relax and enjoy a good smoke.

A bowl can be cornered in one of two ways:

Tilting the Bowl is the first step.

The most typical way for cornering a glass pipe is this. When lighting your herbs, tilt the bowl to the side slightly, allowing the flame to just reach one portion of the plants.

2. Turn on the Bowl's Rim Lights

Keep the lighter a safe distance away from the bowl rather than holding it too near to it. Only the tip of the flame will reach the plants as a result. As a result, the herbs you aren't smoking will stay green, allowing you and your buddies more time to smoke.

Hemp Wick No. 3

You can achieve the cleanest cornering feel by nearly totally removing the lighter from the mix. Direct the hemp wick toward the part of weed you'll be smoking when it's lit. This strategy produces more precise— and enjoyable— outcomes.

What Is the Point of Using the Cornering Technique?

1. Herb Conservation

When it comes to herbs, every piece counts, as everyone at our top online headshop understands. Cornering helps to evenly distribute the herbs in your glass pipe during the smoking session, ensuring that everyone receives a fair amount.

2. Promote a more social environment

Passing your glass pipe around hurriedly as the herbs burn out isn't conducive to a nice environment. It's a smoker's worst nightmare, in fact. Cornering takes away all of the stress and allows everyone to enjoy their hits. Passing the bowl to the next smoker has a weirdly satisfying feeling to it.

The Cherry Effect (#3)

In rare circumstances, cornering may provide an additional benefit. If the ember at the bottom of the bowl stays burning, each succeeding smoker will be able to light their half of the herbs with a simple drag. What is the significance of the name "cherry"? Because, well, embers are red.

4. No Chemicals Added

Not corners your dish can detract from the taste in numerous ways, in addition to the absence of delectable compounds on the herbs. The flavor of your glass pipe will be tainted if you place the flame of a butane lighter over the herbs. The possibility of this polluted taste is reduced by cornering.

5. The Last Person Is Not Affected

Everyone dreads reaching the smoking circle's conclusion. The delicious flavor has faded, everyone else has had their fill, and you've been demoted to the scraps. You can ensure that everyone gets their fair portion by employing the cornering approach.


Instead of cornering, what do people do? If you don't corner your glass pipe, there won't be any disastrous effects, but it will be a less delightful experience.

1. Several times evenly lighting the bowl

When you fire all of the herbs in the bowl, you are eating a large portion of their flavor. This implies that following hits will still generate smoke, but not with the same delectable flavor.

2. Passing the Bowl After It Has Been Lighted

While this method is excellent for new smokers, it is less than perfect in the majority of other instances. Speeding up the smoking procedure for everyone else will pollute the air and keep herbs burning even when no one is using them.

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