Find Your Perfect Hand Pipe With This Glass Pipe Buyers Guide!

by 聂德生

Find Your Perfect Hand Pipe With This Glass Pipe Buyers Guide!
Because of its convenience of use and tiny compact size, traditional glass pipes have been a fixture in this sector since the beginning, allowing you to smoke on the move. This post will go through all of the different varieties of glass smoking pipes we have to offer so you can figure out which one is right for you. We're confident you'll find something you like among our online collection of glass pipes for sale.

Eaglebongs has a wide range of high-end and low-cost glass pipes to suit everyone's demands and budget. We are confident that you will discover the appropriate smoking piece for you, with pipes starting at $15 for those on a budget and high-end pipes from some of the world's most well-known glass blowers. Our online variety of glass pipes for sale is growing all the time, so be sure to come back often to see what's new. Let's have a look at the various varieties of glass pipes now.

Pipes for Spoons

Spoon Pipes, also known as hand pipes, receive their name from its form, which resembles a spoon as you would have guessed. Spoon Pipes are glass pipes with a bowl, a carb, and a mouthpiece in the classic manner. Spoon Pipes are ideal for on-the-go smoking due to its compact size, which fits nicely in your hand and is very easy to use. We have a wide range of spoon pipes to suit any taste or budget.

Sherlock Pipes is a fictional character.

Sherlock Holmes and the odd shaped pipe he was often pictured toking on during his exploits inspired the name. A Sherlock pipe has a one-of-a-kind design that has an elongated tube that frequently bends down and back up for a highly comfortable smoking experience. This unusual design lowers the bowl and moves it away from your face, reducing the risk of burning your nose or hair. Sherlock Pipes are often bigger and more delicate than normal spoon pipes, making them ideal for smoking at home or at a friend's place where you won't be moving the smoking pipe about much. Sherlock pipes not only smoke nicely, but they also make you seem smart. If you're seeking for a kickass pipe, go through our collection of Sherlock pipes; we're confident you'll discover precisely what you need.

Chillums and one-hitters

If you're the type of person who likes to smoke on the move, a one-hitter or chillum is the glass smoking pipe for you. This will allow you to smoke quietly and rapidly without drawing attention to yourself. A chillum, also known as a one-hitter, is a tiny straight glass tube fashioned like a cigar that is designed to hold personal-sized bowls. Chillums have a mouthpiece, a straight tube, and a bowl that are all linked. They are simple yet effective. They're perfect for sneaking a toke when out and about or if you just want a little hit of herbs. Chillums can cost as little as $10 and as much as $100, depending on the glasswork.


Because of its tiny, compact shape and the added feature of water filtration, bubblers are a very popular glass pipe type. Bubblers vary from bongs in that they are typically smaller and have the bowl incorporated into the pipe rather than a separate bowl like most bongs and water pipes. A bubbler is the perfect glass smoking pipe for you if you want a little compact piece for smoking while you're out but also want the benefits of water filtration.

That pretty much covers up all of the numerous types of glass hand pipes we have available. Now that you understand the differences, it's time to find the ideal item for you! We have a large selection of American glass hand pipes, as well as economical glass pipes and more costly heady smoking pipes, to suit every smoker's needs. All of our glass pipes are built with high-quality materials and thick glass for long-term durability. Oh, and before you stand up, double-check your lap to ensure you don't drop your glass pipe on the floor and smash it! Remember, we will match or better any competitor's pricing, and we always provide FREE shipping on all purchases placed in the United States.

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