Filling a Dab Rig Correctly

by Liu Renhao

Filling a Dab Rig Correctly

A dab rig is a fantastic method to get the most out of your concentrates. You'll be able to enjoy dab after dab after you've found the correct temperature. Filling up your dab rig with water is the first step to enjoying it. We at BigDaddySmoke understand how perplexing it may be for first-time dabbers to correctly load a dab rig. This is a step-by-step explanation on how to properly fill your dab with water.

Where should the water be poured?

A dab rig has two openings: the mouthpiece and the downstem. You'll pull on the mouthpiece to receive the vapor from the dab. The nail or banger for your dab rig will be attached to the downstem.

When it comes to pouring water, the mouthpiece is the safest option out of the two. Keep in mind that you'll be vaporizing your concentrates with your banger or dab nail. Heat and water are incompatible. If you heat up your nail or banger incorrectly, you run the risk of shattering your wet joint.

In a dab rig, pouring water

1. Fill a clean water bottle with water and a thin lip. The mouthpiece aperture should be narrower than the lip.

2.Place the water bottle's lip to the mouthpiece and pour water. Make sure you don't splash water on the downstem.

3.Continue pouring until the water level in your dab rig is just perfect. In general, water should fill the dab rig's water chamber about halfway.

4. Perform a pull test with the mouthpiece. Without splashing your tongue, the dab rig should bubble. If there is a splash, spit it out through the mouthpiece.

5.Before utilizing your dab rig, double-check that the downstem is dry.

There's a perc on my dab rig.

Even if your dab rig has many percs, you load it the same manner. Continue to pour water through the mouthpiece until all of the percs are completely immersed and the chamber is about half-full.

What about a dab rig that recycles?

Yes, you can still use the same method to fill a recycler dab rig. Fill the mouthpiece with water until it's the proper volume to cycle through the rig.

In my dab rig, I'd want to utilize ice.

If you want to utilize ice in your dab rig, fill it halfway with water before adding the ice. Reduce the water level slightly to allow for more volume when the ice melts. If your dab rig doesn't include an ice collector, be cautious while adding ice. A bad drop might ruin your rig's fragile elements.

Where can I get the greatest one-of-a-kind dab rigs?

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