Eaglebongs Classroom: how do I clean a dirty bong?

by niedesheng

Eaglebongs Classroom: how do I clean a dirty bong?



    1. Any parts of the bong that can be separated need to be removed now. Usually, this will be the bong bowl, though differing models may have a variety of removal pieces you will need to consider.
    2. Once all removable pieces are taken off, dump out your bong water. You do NOT want that mixing in with your cleaning solution, or you will end up with a gross, stinky mess.


      3. With all pieces removed, place your bong pieces in your chosen cleaning solution. Make sure that your pieces are completely submerged. If you are unsure of what cleaning solution to use, consider the following:

            a. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
            b. Vinegar
            c. 420 Cleaner


      4. our bong pieces will need to stay submerged for around 45 minutes. This time can vary depending on dirty your bong is.


     5. Remove the bong from the cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly. If you noticed there is still residue, you can repeat the cleaning cycle, attempt scrubbing, or attempt another kind of cleaning solution.


     6. Allow the bong to air dry before storage. Once dry, the bong will be ready for another smoke session!