Dry Pipes Vs. Water Pipes

by niedesheng
Dry Pipes Vs. Water Pipes
Are you new to the world of smoking herbs and trying to figure out the difference between dry pipes vs. water pipes? We’ll discuss the different aspects that set the two apart to help you become familiar with your new smoking implement.

The basics

Dry pipes or hand pipes are hand-held smoking devices that let you smoke herbs without any water for filtration. Types of dry pipes include:

1.Glass blunts




5.Spoon pipes

Water pipes, of course, are smoking devices that have water chambers in it for filtration. Unlike dry pipes, there are only three types of water pipes to choose from:




Ease of use

Dry pipes are simple and straightforward. All you have to do is load or pack the dry pipe, light up your herb, and smoke away. This simplicity makes it ideal for beginners who are trying to smoke herbs for the first time.

Water pipes, depending on the design, can be a bit complicated to use. You have to fill it with the right water level, or you won’t get the cooling and filtration effect that you’re after. You have to make sure that all the parts are dry after filling it up or you will waste your herbs. However, once you get past the minor learning curve, everything is smooth sailing.


Dry pipes are commonly called as hand pipes because you can easily carry them with one hand. Small-sized dry pipes can be easily concealed with just one hand. Since they are fashioned with portability in mind, most of these dry pipes are made with sturdy, thick material. You can put them in your pocket and bring them with you anywhere.

Although there are mini bongs and portable water pipes, there’s a limit on where you can carry water pipes with you. They need a bit of care to pack, and even the small ones can bulge in your pocket.

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Smoking experience

Dry pipes give you intense, raw flavors of your herbs. It’s easier to draw from a dry pipe because of the short distance between the bowl and the mouthpiece. Because there’s no filtration going on, you’ll experience the full effect of your herbs. The size of the pipe can limit your smoking session with each load. You may need to refill the bowl a couple of times in order to get the effect you are looking for. This can be a good thing for new smokers because you’ll be able to gauge up to how much herbs you can smoke in a session before it hits.

Water pipes are best for those who prefer smoother, cleaner, and cooler hits. The water helps to filter combusted materials like tar and resin, and other carcinogenic compounds. Highly advisable for those who have throat irritation and are after a mild smoking experience. Also, bongs can be massive in size, which means they are capable of giving you huge clouds of smoke. One drag is often enough to get you medicated. For inexperienced smokers, this can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s better to start small.


You don’t have to do much to clean a dry pipe. A simple soak and shake are often enough to make it ready for the next use. They do tend to clog up if not maintained regularly because of the lack of removable parts.

Water pipes can be a bit tricky to clean, especially if you’re dealing with percolators. The ash and resin can get stuck on the tiny holes, requiring a bit more elbow grease to take them out.


Dry pipes cost less compared to water pipes because they have simple designs regardless of the material they are made of. Our collection of dry pipes range from $5.99-$95.99, with each of them simple and easy to get used to.

Water pipes are more expensive than dry pipes. The best water pipes are often made of glass and hand blown by expert blowers who are also smokers. They know what smokers are looking for in a water pipe. They put their skills and artistic expertise in making a water pipe that is functional, practical, and also cool to look at. Our water pipes cost $11-99– $355.60, and all of them are highly efficient and offer the best smoking experience.

Dry pipes and water pipes have various qualities that can make your sessions unique and satisfying.