Does weed make you feel like you are not really here?

by niedesheng
Does weed make you feel like you are not really here?
No, that's not weed.

Y'know how a drink can help take the edge off after a hard day at work? It's sorta kinda like that, except that cannabis does not do damage to the user the way they alcohol does. No one ever died from a cannabis overdose or got cancer from using cannabis. While cannabis can be habit forming in some people, it is not an addictive substance. Alcohol is addictive af and does so much more damage. If cannabis had never been criminalized 84 years ago, there would be so much less violence going on. Cannabis produces soothing, calming, healing effects, whereas alcohol is a stimulant and gets people fired up.

In a thread under one of my cannabis answers, a woman complained about all the pot her husband was smoking and how he became grumpy, grouchy, surly, bitter, unbearable, and even violent whenever he ran out.

OK. And what happens when he gets more?
Oh, he's OK whenever he gets another bag.
There would be a helluva lot less domestic spousal abuse if those assholes who beat their wives had been smoking a fat joint instead of pounding down a six pack or two.

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There are hundreds of different strains of cannabis. If you live in a cannabis legal state, you can go in to a dispensary and tell them what effect from the cannabis that you are seeking. There are strains for —

1.Daytime alert
2.Daytime creative
3.Evening relaxation
4.Gastrointestinal distress
6.Neurological symptoms
7.Evening baking
8.Late night sleeping

There is an ever increasing number of medicinal applications that cannabis can treat. Opioid use and overdoses have noticeably dropped in states that have legalized it, for adult use and the more limited medicinal use.

If you're wanting to try it for the first time, do it with someone who knows what they're doing. If your state has legalized it, go visit a dispensary for live advice and ask them all your questions.

Keep a notebook with the details of the products you bought, weights, types, strengths, names, percentages, prices, times, dates, notes about your day, reason for partaking, and probably most importantly, your reactions, feelings and sensations. This will help you figure out what works for you.

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