Do the medical benefits of marijuana outweigh the risk?

by niedesheng
Do the medical benefits of marijuana outweigh the risk?
Regardless of what you have been told all your life, cannabis risks are minimal for an adult.

Cannabis is
1.Not a gateway drug
2.Not addictive like opioids
3.Had been found, by studies, to be beneficial in mitigating symptoms of illness and injury.
4.Could, were it legal, nationally, provide an option to opioids for relief from chronic pain.

Do some research. You’ll find National Institute of Health studies as well as studies from other countries whose results affirm cannabis helpfulness for easing pain and giving comfort.
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I was prescribed opioids for injures for 25 years.
CBD helped me detox off opioids and now supplies sufficient pain relief that I don’t need addictive drugs. For this reason alone, cannabis has the medical benefits you inquire about.

The risks of cannabis use are almost exclusively psychological, and most can be mitigated with a little self discipline.

The worst stoners I know are lazy and jobless, or only sell cannabis (and often other stuff) illegally.

Besides that, anyone with prexisting mental health conditions should think twice.

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