Dabbing Like a Pro: 5 Tips

by Liu Renhao

Dabbing Like a Pro: 5 Tips

Who remembers when dabbing was a secret to everyone save the most dedicated stoners? Dabbing has been more popular over the last several years. Many heavy smokers, on the other hand, have yet to give dabbing a try. Passing a bowl around and taking bong pulls may be just as enjoyable as dabbing in a communal situation. We've compiled a list of techniques that everyone, regardless of skill level, may dab like a pro.

What Is Dabbing, and How Do I Do It?

Before we go into a full-fledged dabbing class, it's vital to first define dabbing. Dabbers use dab rigs to smoke concentrates (waxes, oils) instead of herbs using water pipes and glass pipes. These oils come from the plants that produce these herbs.

Instructions for 4-Step Dabbing:

With a torch, heat your nail until it is obviously hot.

Cover the nail with the glass dome. Allow for a 10-45 second cooling period.

While gently breathing, apply the concentration inside the nail.


5 Steps to Dabbing Like a Pro

1. Don't take a lot of dabs.

People react to dabbing in a very different way than they do to smoking. Concentrates are significantly more powerful than the botanicals from which they were derived. Taking large dabs may result in a negative experience.

To prevent overdosing, stick to tiny dabs that allow you to manage your consumption, particularly if you're a beginner.

2. Use a dabber at a lower temperature

You've undoubtedly heard someone complain about a bad dabbing experience at some time. They may have chest pain, foul tastes, or even a sudden, sickening loss of balance. We can almost always ensure that they were dabbing at high temperatures in virtually all of these situations.

Yes, dabbing is used to heat the nail until it becomes noticeably hot. However, as previously said, letting it to cool is an important stage in the process. The concentrates combust when the dabbing nail becomes too heated, resulting in a very unpleasant inhaling experience.

Furthermore, higher temperature dabs may destroy terpenes, the chemical elements that give cannabis its distinct aroma and taste.

Allow the dab nail to cool after heating it to prevent these uncomfortable feelings and maintain optimal dabbing vibes.

3. Put on your gloves

Slimy and slippery, concentrate oils have a slimy texture. They are equivalent to honey in terms of content. Furthermore, touching these oils with your bare hands spreads microorganisms from your skin to the oil.

Your oils will be protected from dilution or contamination if you wear gloves. This means your oils will be clear of contaminants when you're ready to smoke. Gloves will also help you avoid having concentrates trapped on your hands.

There are, in fact, specialized instruments that obviate the need to even touch the concentrate with your hands— but more on that later.

4. Clean your piece on a regular basis

Your dab rig must be spotless for the most effective hits. Water pipes are considerably more difficult to clean than dab rigs. It will be simpler to clean if you clean it more often.

Hot water alone may be sufficient to remove minor amounts of residue.

You'll be able to taste your concentrates without the old concentrates interfering with the flavor.

5. Choose your accessories carefully.

Do you think you'd attempt to smoke herbs without a grinder? No, we don't believe so.

There are a few items that should be regarded as if they were part of your dab setup. Some of these items, such as a flame, dabbing tool, and nail, are required for dabbing.

Others will guard your item from wear and damage. There is a little shock that passes through your item every time it is placed on a hard surface, whether it be a glass table, a hardwood floor, or anything else. These tiny shocks might produce hairline fractures in the pipe over time. Using a silicone pad to place your item on will help to prevent the fractures from spreading. They'll also cut down on pet hair transfer, which may ruin the dabbing experience.

Silicone mats are meant to prevent concentrates from adhering since they are non-stick. When you're not using your concentrates, though, it's better to keep them closed.

Nails, Dab Rigs, and More

Take our advice: it's preferable to start dabbing properly and gradually improve your technique. Check out our selection of dab rigs and accessories at our online head store, or get in touch with us for more information.

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