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Dab rigs have many intricate parts and accessories that can make it tricky and even intimidating at first glance. Fortunately, for you stoners, the knowledge of  Eaglebongs has been clearly written and compiled into our encyclopedia down below. This world of glass and smoking accessories has been taking over, and we’re here to help!
Eaglebongs’s got you covered with everything you'll ever need to know about dab rigs, concentrates, styles, and different functions of your water pipe in our glossary provided.
If you want an in depth guide of how to use a dab rig, check out our glossary article!
Getting your knowledge on how to use a dab rig is as easy as lighting your blunt! Simply scroll below to scan through any words you need definitions on. Our descriptions are clear and concise, making it effortless for you to learn and get more familiar about your rig piece.

To better grasp an understanding of terminology and functions of dab rigs, continue reading our glossary!
If you still don’t know the many functions and uses of our dab rigs, look no further than our encyclopedia below!
Dab rig: A specific type of smoking pipe or bong that is used to smoke heavy concentrates and oils. Dab rigs utilizes water filtration in order to intensify your hit.
Rig: Device used strictly for concentrates and oils.
Dome: Key component of a dab or oil rig which captures the vapor of the cannabis concentrate
Nail: Part of the rig that is used for concentrates and oils.
Dabbing Tool: Tool used to “dab” your wax or oil concentrate. Often referred to as a dab wand.
Oil: Concentrated marijuana extracted from the cannabis plant itself. Common forms are distillate, which is used in vape pens and cartridges.

Shatter: Contains heavy amounts of THC extract. Generally taking a more solidified but breakable form/shape.
Live Resin: High quality cannabis concentrate from the result of flash freezing marijuana plant material, then extracting it.
Mouthpiece: Part of the glass piece or water pipe in which the mouth is placed to smoke and inhale vapor.
Heady Glass: A high end intricate style of glass, that is usually made from highly experienced glass artists. Typically ones with modern or abstract influences.
Oil Rigs: Another way of referring to or saying dab rig. These words can be used interchangeably yielding the same meaning. A device used to smoke concentrates and oils.
Recycler Dab Rigs: A unique and special type of dab rig designed for the most optimal smoking experience. Contains a two-chamber system and an additional filtration system to ensure cleaner and smoother hits.
Titanium Nail: A type of dab nail that is made with titanium material.

Carb Cap: Tool used to cover the exposed part of the domeless nail in order to restrict airflow and allow heat retention and circulation for smooth hits to the dome! No pun intended.
Water pipes: Pipe used for smoking marijuana, cannabis, dry herb/flower that draws smoke through water in order to cool it.
Diffuser: Part of the water pipe that makes the water bubble, resulting in smoother hits which reduce coughing as well as alleviating any burning sensations in the throat.
Budder: Also known as budder wax, is a type of THC rich marijuana concentrate. Takes a yellowish/amber color and closely resembles a butter like texture.
Honey Oil: Honey oil is also known as cannabis oil which is an extraction of cannabis concentrate. It contains many of its terpenes and resins.
Filtration System: A system involving water which cools and filters your wax vapor before inhaling. This allows for clean hits.
Wax Rig: Also commonly referred to as a dab rig. Device used to smoke concentrate or other forms of wax.
Condensed Chamber: Designed to easily and quickly direct vapor upwards into your mouth. In other words, the part of the rig in which smoke is contained and moved through before inhaling.
Vapor: A liquid or solid diffused substance, that is suspended into the air upon smoking.
Water Chamber: Part of the pipe that moves smoke from marijuana/concentrate into the bowl/nail and into the mouthpiece.
Pipe: A smoking device used for marijuana or cannabis consumption. Consists of a narrow tube with a bowl at the end. Can be made from a number of different materials.
Male/Female Joint [gender]: Part of the water pipe or dab rig that is inserted into the downstem. Generally comes in three common sizes.
Adjustable Nail: A multiway nail that is adaptable to fit all vapor dome heights.
Adjustable Mouthpiece: Mouthpiece from a rig or bong that can be moved around flexibly and adjustably in order to fit the desired position.
Angled Cut [dab rig styles]: A unique asymmetrical design that provides a larger surface area for concentrates to sit depending on the angle. Domes are not needed for this particular design.
Direct Inject/Classic [dab rig styles]: Known as the simplest design. The nail supports the bowl around the top to load concentrates in. Vapor is then traveled from the base of the bowl to the nail and then back down into the base of the rig. A dome is not necessary for this particular design.

Standard [dab rig styles]: Requires a dome and is the most affordable option in terms of dab rig styles. The nail has a cupped end where concentrated are placed.

Crumble: Another form of wax extract that is heated at lower temperatures during the drying process. Generally, is a drier and more delicate concentrate that commonly resembles a honeycomb. Once broken apart, it is called what we refer to as crumble wax.
Temperature: Describing the condition, ‘climate’, or degree of intensity of heat present. For rigs, this refers to the temperature of the nail upon heating. Lower temperature setting generally produce smoother longer hits that result in richer flavor as opposed to high temperature settings which create thick dense vapor. Lower temp setting isn’t as dense and can produce milder effects.


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