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Dabbing is a marijuana ingestion practice that is often reserved for more experienced stoners rather than beginners. THC users, contrary to popular assumption, are extremely clean because we have no choice. When it comes to dabbing, having a clean dab rig is crucial, and cleaning it on a regular basis is a must if you want to get the ideal dab. So, how frequently should you clean your dab rig and do you deep clean it? Here's all you need to know about dab rig cleaning and how to extend the life of your dab rigs.


Welcome to the cannabis community, if you're new to it. It's good to greet newcomers since we remember how uneasy and out of place we felt when we first arrived. It may seem foolish to ask fundamental questions, but we all had to start somewhere! There is no such thing as a foolish question, and a brief review of the fundamentals should get you up to speed.

A dab rig is a set of equipment and a gadget for dabbing cannabis concentrates. While a water bong is used to smoke and toke bong rips, a dab rig uses a simple process called vapor extraction, in which the concentrates are extracted rather than burnt like flower.

A butane torch must be used to heat up the banger, or the portion of the dab rig that contains and melts the cannabis concentrates into vapor, while utilizing a dab rig.


If you let THC and water in your dab rig to sit and mix together, a lot of hazardous germs can start to grow. For obvious reasons, cleaning your dab rig, as well as any other smoking gear or accessory, is critical for basic hygiene and general cleanliness. Allowing your roommates and significant other to use your dab rig may result in the spread of germs, so washing down your piece and cleaning it on a regular basis can help to extend the life of your dab rig and improve its overall quality.


The major concern now is how to clean a dab rig now that you have a better understanding of a dab rig and overall setup using dab instruments. A dab rig may be cleaned in a variety of methods, but the most essential aspect is to ensure that it is maintained on a regular basis for the optimum dabbing experience. Whether you clean a dab rig with or without isopropyl alcohol, it's important to clean every crack, corner, and hard-to-reach spot since a dirty rig can rapidly catch up to you if you're not careful! Cleaning a dab rig on a regular basis is necessary for the dab rig to perform effectively.


There are a number different ways to clean a dab rig, however the following procedures are general guidelines for cleaning dab rigs. Cleaning dab rigs may be done with cleaning solutions or isopropyl alcohol, but we'll teach you how to do both!

The first step is to clean the dab rig.

Before beginning the cleaning, grab all of your dab rig cleaning equipment and make sure you're ready to go. This makes the entire procedure much easier than rushing to get coarse sea salt at the last minute when it could be prepared ahead of time. For a clean dab rig, here's a list of things you'll need:

Bag made of plastic. You'll need plastic bags to carry the cleaning solution for each dab rig element. It's a good idea to keep a few plastic bags on hand just in case, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Sea salt, coarse. It is adequate to use coarse salt or any form of rock salt to aid release the dab residue that may collect while suffering accumulation.

Cotton swabs are a type of swab that is used to Grab a couple cotton swabs to reach those hard-to-reach areas and corners while still keeping your hands clean.

Cloths for cleaning. A cleaning cloth is quite useful since it will polish your dab rig and remove any unwanted dust or dirt that the initial rinse may have missed.

Solution of isopropyl alcohol. The star of the show, rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, is the key to cleaning the tougher portions of a dab setup. You'll want iso alcohol on hand, and you may use it liberally.

It's time to clean your dab setup! Keep that filthy dab rig handy so you can clean it as soon as possible. This should go without saying, but just in case you need a reminder, keep it close.

Step 2: Combine the cleaning solution for dab rigs.

Decide on the sort of dab rig cleaning solution you want to use first; whether you use a commercial dab rig cleaning solution or make your own is totally up to you. If you're preparing your own solution, use the following ratio of isopropyl alcohol to coarse sea salt: 16 ounces iso alcohol to half cup coarse sea salt. When the coarse salt has entirely dissolved in the rubbing alcohol, the solution is complete.

Step 3: disassemble the dab rig and combine the solution

Making ensuring your dab rig is disassembled before applying the cleaning solution is a vital step in how to clean a dab rig. This entails removing any attachments, like as the banger, as well as any detachable sections. Set the smaller components aside and concentrate entirely on the dab rig.

Fill the dab rig chamber halfway with the dab rig cleaning solution. It's better to swirl about to ensure that every region of the chamber is covered and receiving the attention it requires. Iso alcohol may be used to clean the exterior of a dab rig, but don't overuse it if it's an electric dab rig because the alcohol level can harm the outside if it's too high.

Step 4: clean the dab rig by putting it in a bag.

Grab a plastic bag and insert it inside the plastic bag after gently moving about the dab rig (without creating a mess, of course) to keep everything together and prevent the isopropyl alcohol from dispersing and evaporating. It will not dissolve if it is covered, so make sure you follow this step carefully! To keep the cleaning solution, wrap it in plastic and place it in a spot that can be covered with a hard cover.

Step 5: saturate the dab rig with cleaning solution and give it a good shake.

This step activates the cleaning solution, allowing it to begin working within the chamber. Shaking the dab rig with the cleaning solution within the plastic bag prevents a major mess while also allowing the cleaner to thoroughly penetrate into the hard-to-reach corners and little sections of the dab rig that have built up.

Step 6: clean the dab rig by soaking it in cleaning solution.

Depending on how dirty your dab rig is, it should typically soak in the cleaning solution for 30 to 60 minutes. If you truly want a thorough cleaning, leave the dab rig in the cleaning solution overnight. It will undoubtedly be put to use as you sleep. It's really a rather simple procedure for cleaning a dab rig that doesn't need a lot of elbow grease!

Step 7: clean smaller dab rig attachments by hand

Do you recall the attachments you removed in step 3? You'll return to that drop-down attachment and use all of the cotton swabs as well. This process is a little more time consuming than the others, but it'll be well worth it once you're smoking from a fresh new bong! Cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean a dab rig mouthpiece, nail, carb caps, and other similar items.

Step 8: clean and dry your dab rig and accessories

Remove the dab rig from the plastic bag and dump the residual contents after letting it soak in the cleaning solution overnight. You should see a lot of residue floating about or loose in the chamber, thus properly cleaning your dab rig inside and out is essential. Washing your dab rig and passing it through the chamber will assist to eliminate all of this buildup, including the iso alcohol and coarse salt odor you're undoubtedly smelling!

Dry the dab rig inside and out with the cloth or microfiber towel. This is also necessary since great dabs need a dry environment, and any form of water droplets might detract from the ultimate dabbing experience. This modest step will go a long way!


What if you don't have any alcohol on hand but still want to clean your dab rig? What if you're aware of the harmful substances in alcohol and don't want to consume it? Don't worry, there are methods around this! Here's a fast tutorial on how to clean a dab rig without using alcohol and only a few other items.

You may use a bong cleaning solution or any other sort of solution that is excellent for dab rigs instead of alcohol, such as the resolution gel cleanser, which is non-toxic and efficiently eliminates resin and tar build up. You'll need boiling water and a pot if you don't have either. You've already guessed it, but we'll be removing the muck using hot water, and while it's not the most efficient way, it gets the job done.

Step 1: Bring a pot of boiling water to a boil.

Heat the water on the burner to boiling, and make sure your dab rig is nearby. You'll want to lay your dab rig over a pot of boiling water to see the resin rise up right in front of your eyes! It's a very interesting experience, and it's made much better when you can watch your dab setup cleaning itself.

Step 2: Fill the dab rig with hot water.

Pouring hot water into the dab rig after setting it over the heat and letting the resin to lift is what will wash away the muck and other buildup. You'll want to swirl the water about to get it into the corners, but you'll want to wait a few minutes so you don't burn yourself.

Step 3: drained the water

The muck and resin will be flushed out by immediately pouring out the hot water from the dab rig. Slowing down could allow the resin to reattach to the glass, which isn't going to happen! So, if you do it a bit rough, it will assist to eliminate the buildup, and if you have any stickiness, simply repeat the process until you attain clean pleasure.


Cleaning oil rigs has never been easier with basic cleaning supplies and dab tools. Clean dab rigs provide high-quality hits, which helps to keep the cycle continuing by improving your relationship with Mary Jane. You may be dreading cleaning your dab rig, but it's nothing a cotton swab dipped in alcohol can't fix! When coarse sea salt is added, you'll be able to observe the residue rise up in real time. If you choose to clean your dab rig using a non-toxic cleaning solution or even hot water, these are both wonderful alternatives since you'll have a clean dab rig in no time. Check out the top dab rigs on sale, as well as some cleaning supplies to go with it! You'll need it after a few successful dabbing sessions.

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