Bubbler Pipe Vs. Bong Vs Pipe – What Is the Best for Me?

by niedesheng

Bubbler Pipe Vs. Bong Vs Pipe – What Is the Best for Me?


As cannabis gains mainstream acceptance, we are using all types of new devices; however, there isn’t anything like that original classic, glass. Glass pieces—such as bubblers, pipes, and bongs—ruled cannabis intake long before there were vaporizers, made by skilled artisans wanting to provide you both a work of art and a great high.


Above everything else, glassware is very practical. It’ll require no electricity and assists you in learning about your herb, in a more intimate, slower manner – bowl by bowl.


Here we offer a guide into three of the best smoking methods. Learn more here if you’re looking for a bubbler pipe.


Glass pipe smoking method


The pipe is the most user-friendly cannabis device—it’s extremely user-friendly and portable.




Non-combustible and non-absorbent

Isolate smoke flavors  

Offers a purer smoking experience

User receives the pure flavor of herb or tobacco being smoked

Generates more prominent flavors than metal or wooden pipes

Metal pipes are notorious for affecting smoke aroma once it leaves pipe yet it isn’t the case with glass ones

User may enjoy the flavor and taste of varieties of tobacco or herbs blends as is, without any taint



Glass material can break

Requires proper handling and is fragile

When a glass pipe gets broken, there isn’t any way it can be fixed

Bong smoking method


Often referred to as “water pipes,” you have certainly seen a bong if you have ever seen a stoner movie. It is a taller glass piece that has water at the bottom, usually with a bowl piece which may be replaced and removed to build vapor.




  • Bongs generate a richer, milder, cooler smoke than other methods.


  • Smokers also reported that they intensify the smoking experience due to the inhalation rips being quicker and bigger because of the condensed smoke.




Smoke that accumulates inside the tube turns stale in a matter of seconds. Stale smoke can be harsher on the lungs and oftentimes produce coughing.

Because of their funky sizes and shapes, top-heavy bongs tip over easily, and spill dirty, foul-smelling water that’s hard to clean.

Even when they’re designed of thick glass, they break easily; therefore, they require more consideration and care than others.

They quickly get dirty, so they require cleanings on a frequent basis.

Bubbler pipe smoking method


Bubblers are an amazing link between water and dry pipes. They are more portable, as well as easier to store and pass than a bong, yet still make use of water to soften a hit. Typically, a bubbler will hit like a dry pipe that has a carb to release and build the smoke.




Brings together the incredible world of bongs and pipes. A combined perfection.



Within some instances, portable, yet not practical to carry.

Difficult to change water in more twisted or smaller models.

One of the more challenging varieties to clean.

Potential of getting nasty water inside your mouth. Usually happens more frequently with bubblers than with bongs.

For the ones who were not cannabis connoisseurs until the latest wave of high-tech consumption and legalization, it is possible that you never have hit a bong or passed a pipe before. Do not despair. With one of these smoking methods, you’ll be a cannabis enthusiast in no time!

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