Bong: What is the best of 2021?

by niedesheng

Bong: What is the best of 2021?

Although marijuana trafficking is illegal, it is not illegal to grow it for own consumption, and much less the fact of smoking it on private property. But to enjoy an unrepeatable experience, it is not enough to have access to the best weed in the world. Cast? For the smoking bong , a key item for those who enjoy chilling .

As with any other product, it is not enough to just buy the first cheap bongs you come across. Absolutely. Smoking is an art, and if you are going to do it with a bong , make it a quality one. If you don't know where to start, don't worry, because that's what you're reading these lines for. Next, we take you into the world of the best bongs on the market!

The most important

  • The bongfor marijuana smoking, snuff or other substances are great for those who are new, because the smoke filter, which softens the flavor. In addition, they allow much better management of the amount consumed.
  • Although there are many types of bong(ceramic, bamboo, silicone, plastic, among others), the most widely used are acrylic bongs and glass bongs . We compare its features for you.
  • The shape and volume offered by the bongare essential to achieve one or the other drinking experience. We review these aspects, as well as other important purchase criteria, at the end of the content.

The best bongs : our favorites

Although you may have considered quitting more than once, which is not bad at all, you should know that smoking weed from time to time offers countless benefits. Not surprisingly, it is used as a therapeutic tool in several countries, as well as it is already legal for recreational use in economic powers such as Canada . But with what bongs to smoke it?

  • The best handmade bong
  • The best cheap bong
  • The best glass bong
  • The best bongto smoke marijuana like a real Rastafarian
  • Best  multi-chamber bong 

The best handmade bong

Eaglebongs offers a handmade bong with a very attractive and somewhat lysergic finish. It is delivered with maximum security packaging to avoid damage during shipping. As for its usefulness, it is a bong for smoking marijuana, but it is compatible with tobacco and other substances.

Regarding its length, 31 cm, it is somewhat cumbersome at first, but once you get used to it, everything goes smoothly. Can be used with ice.

The best cheap bong

If you are looking for a cheap but quality bong , bet on this one from Greenleaf. Decorated with cannabinoid motifs, it complies, although you must assume this is a beginner bong .

Being a small bong , it is really easy to use. The product is offered with two filters, although according to many users, it is preferable to change them for pipe filters; Especially if you are a regular smoker, but you buy this bong to explore new ways of using it.

The best glass bong

This clear glass bong is very resistant despite its apparent fragility. It is a large bong , with dimensions of 18.8 mm (gauge), 27 cm (height) and about 600 grams of weight. Like the first product on this list, this is a handcrafted bong .

Logically, it is shipped with the utmost care to avoid damage during transport. Cleaning it is simple: isopropyl alcohol, some salt and a subsequent rinse with water.

The best bong to smoke marijuana like a real Rastafarian

Black Leaf brings you this awesome bong . The first thing that stands out is its presentation in a velvet box. The bong also has a very attractive design, since its elegant sobriety is added with the engraving of a marijuana leaf and the name of the brand.

It is a thick bong . In addition, if you follow the recommended cleaning guidelines, it will not cost you to keep it in good condition. Its size? Blunt: 400 mm in height and 50 mm in diameter.

Best  multi-chamber bong 

This  four chamber bong  from Eaglebongs is a must buy for those looking for a super smooth experience. Thanks to the quadruple filtering, the smoke reaches the smoker's mouth less loaded, so its flavor is less harsh.

Plus, this  four-chamber bong  lets you use ice for even more refreshing hits. As for its manufacture, it is made of high quality glass. Its height is considerable , but it is still manageable.