Bong Vs. Dab Rig – Which One is better?

by niedesheng

Bong Vs. Dab Rig – Which One is better?


The Bong and Dab are both used for the same purposes, but there is a slight difference in both. The people who are smoke lovers will want to know what option would be better for them. So, we will here give you some of the slight difference of great glass bongs and Daily High Club Dab Rigs. After reading this guide you will be able to analyze what option will be better for you according to your needs.


General concept of bong and dab

Bongs are typically used to consume flowers, with a basic water filtering system used to cool or purify the smoke prior to consumption. A dab rig and a bong share the same basic water filtration principle whenever it comes to consuming, but they use totally different equipment. A bong has a flower-holding bowl, whereas a dab rig has a nail that is built exclusively for vaporizing super-potent marijuana concentrates.



You’ve probably observed that everyone wants the largest bong, yet dab rigs are typically much shorter. The thickness of a piece has a significant impact on the smoking pleasure. Here’s how it works scientifically. Whenever it relates to bongs, size does matter. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about combustible smoke reducing its strength or fading. To get the highest amount of filtration, one should expand the smoke pathway with just as many percolators as possible. Increased bubbles imply more total area will have to flow via the water, which cools the smoke before entering your lungs. Once you smoke a bong with something like a perc versus one without, it’s easy to tell the distinction


Oil vapor would be confined and evaporate inside the water, contrasting herb smoking, that loses hardly any power when going within a bong. This implies you’ll want to consume the marijuana as rapidly as possible; that’s why most of the dab rigs are short. Because most vapor is consumed in 3-5 seconds, percolators and large tubes will not provide the best effect.



Those dab rigs, as well as bongs, will have similar functions, although there are some that are more typically used for all. The recycling feature is a common option that is almost only found on dab rigs or recyclers in this scenario. Basically, the water flows across two cells in such rigs. This keeps the smoke cool all the time, resulting in smoother inhalation. It also serves like a splashguard, preventing you from consuming the next hit. Percolators are more commonly observed on bongs than on dab rigs. To assist purify the smoking, they effectively added an additional section within the water pipe. Why aren’t there as many dab rigs present or available with percs as we’d want to see? First, because percs undertake space, you’ll need to raise the pipe’s size. Second, most individuals don’t desire to over-filter the concentrates since they risk losing some of the flavors.


Manufacturing features of both the products


The leak proof connection of bong makes the smoking product hassle-free item for you.


Easy to refill, user’s friendly item

Durable as well as strong and sturdy

Comes with the suitable capacity

Comes with scalable spray nozzles

Easy to assemble

Programmable misting unit for greenhouse and terrariums

3 times spray cage in a day

Lightweight, compact and portable

One of the best features to the dab is that it shuts off automatically when it comes to dry. Its adjustable hose is great for offering ease of management.


90-day warranty

Simple use operation and plug

Comes with fittings ultrasonic, no spill valve

Compact, lightweight and portable

Adjustable fog flow



Clear see through tank to check water levels

Runs 24 hours without refill

Quiet operation



Both are the solid, budget-friendly devices to manage use level in the large spaces. You can use t in the basements. Overall, it is an efficient product that can reduce the dry air level and improves the moisture to maintain your respiration system.


The smoking devices are portable, and it boasts turbo mode that enhances fan speed for maximum moisture removal in your respiration system. It decreases mist and maintains a level of dryer air to keep you away from mucus. It helps you feel more comfortable inside the house. Most of the people use these high-quality devices to maintain the air and humidity level in their interior. It comes with a vast capacity tank that makes it suitable for wide areas. You will like this product because of its technical and modern specifications that make it more efficient and functional for you.


Safe and affordable


It is one of the best items that offer easy refilling of the tank. Similarly, as with bigger models, this debong consequently shuts off when the water tank is full. A distinct difference is that the tank is twice as extensive as the debong’s every day an ounce execution limit, so you don’t need to change the water so regularly. There’s no seepage hose port on this debong, in spite of the fact that that is not something that most clients missed on a unit this little.


What clients like in this device is the same amount of about this bong is that it’s an amazingly reasonable price. Numerous clients announced purchasing different units to make them run reliably in each room of their homes.


Quiet and no noise


With whisper Quiet and low energy operation, the branded mini device from Pro Breeze efficiently and quickly lowers humidity in the air. It is excellent for use in small spaces like boat, wardrobe, caravan, basement, garage, and kitchen. This device is prone to high humidity. The unit utilizes advanced technology that is not only an energy-efficient product, but it is whisper quiet too. So, you can use it all day and night without disturbing your sleep. Most people do not use a bong when they are sleeping because of the noise, but if you want to make your sleep comfortable, then the use of a quiet device is good for your health.



There was a slight difference along with the comparison of both terms. Now, you can decide which one to choose.

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