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Maybe your bong bowl rolled under the sofa and was never discovered, or maybe your go-to bowl simply won't clean up no matter how much alcohol and scrubbing you do. A new bowl will not only assist provide you the freshest tasting bong rips with ideal airflow compared to a dirty and clogged bowl piece, but it will also help elevate a dull water pipe by adding a touch of your individuality. Choosing a nice bong bowl that suits your style and fits your water pipe can be difficult because there are so many various varieties of bong bowls in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. This article delves into the most common varieties of bong bowls on the market, as well as the features to look for to ensure a great match.


Before diving into the various sorts of bowl parts, it's important to understand what bong bowls are and what they perform. Any water pipe arrangement would be incomplete without a bowl component, often known as a bong bowl or a slide. Glass bong bowls are detachable parts that fit into the joint at the top of the downstem of a bong. Bong bowls retain your ground dry herb or other smoking material, making it simple to fire. There's no avoiding it. For your water bong to operate correctly, you'll need a bowl component that fits.

A cannabis enthusiast will light the dried herb within the bong bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece to draw the smoke down the downstem and through the percolators and water. Before being ingested, the water can aerate, chill, and filter out big pollutants like hot ash from the smoke. It's why stoners prefer a bong pull over a joint or pipe since it's smoother and more pleasant on the throat and lungs. Once the smoke has built up in the bong chamber, the glass or metal bowl is removed to allow complete airflow through the water pipe, allowing the chamber to be cleaned fast and simply.


When it comes to selecting the ideal bong bowls for your glassware, it's important to first comprehend the many varieties of bong bowls accessible. Don't let any of this deter you; it's a basic concept that every bong owner should understand because everyone needs a new sliding bowl at some time. These are the important factors to keep an eye on while researching choices and making a final purchase to ensure the bowl piece you pick is the correct match:

Dimensions of the joints

The key difference between types of bowl parts is joint size, which can help you narrow down your alternatives right away. If you utilize the incorrect joint size, your bong bowl will be worthless, and you'll have to spend additional money on a bong adaptor (more on that in a bit). The joint size of the bowl must match the joint size of the bong with which it will be utilized. Check to check whether this information for the water pipe you have is available online so you can be sure you're getting the appropriate one. Although 14mm and 18mm joints are the most popular, some water bongs contain 10mm joints. This measurement relates to the joint's diameter. You're in luck if you stumble upon a one-of-a-kind bong bowl that you can't get out of your brain but it's the wrong joint size. Pick up a bong adapter, which will allow you to use any style of bong slide or accessory with your water pipe, regardless of joint size!

Type of joint

In addition to joint size, the type of joint on your bong should be considered. Male and female-style bowls and bongs are available. In contrast to the joint size, which must be the same, the joint type must be the polar opposite in order to fit well. The majority of glassware has a female joint that may be used with a male bowl. Some bongs, however, contain a male joint that requires a female bowl. A female bowl will sit on top of a male joint, whereas a male bong component will sit within a female joint. Before choosing a bowl, make sure to verify the size and kind of joint on your bong.

The bowl's depth

Do you frequently use your bong with pals but despise having to empty and repack the bowl? The amount of dry herb a bowl can hold is determined by the bowl's size and depth. Just because a huge bowl appears to have a large bong bowl on the exterior doesn't imply it actually does (it's frequently just thick glass). If you usually smoke with your stoner pals, go for a deep bowl or double bowl to cut down on the amount of times you have to repack. A typical sized bong bowl may suffice if you like solo smoking sessions. You'll have to hold the bowl in person or rely on internet evaluations to find out the depth. It's difficult to take excellent shots of glass, which may be deceiving at times.

Material for bong bowls

Slides, like bongs, can be fashioned of a number of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Bong bowls come in a variety of materials, including glass, metal, and silicone.

By far the most popular material used to build bowls is heat-safe borosilicate glass. Glass bong bowls are tasteless, allowing you to experience the pure cannabis flavor while also being easy to clean. However, they are the most easily broken and require additional caution while transporting. Glass herb bowls are the gold standard, and you'll find the most variations in this material.

Another alternative is metal bowls made of stainless steel or heavy-duty brass. These ultra-durable bong bowls are both portable and easy to clean. The main disadvantage is that the metal on the exterior can become quite hot, making it difficult to remove if there isn't a pull tab.

Silicone- One of the most flexible materials on our list, high-quality heat-resistant silicone is safe for smoking accessories. Silicone is practically impenetrable (you can even drive a car over it, but we don't encourage it), lightweight, and inexpensive. Silicone bowls come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, and they're occasionally used to preserve glass bowls and make them last longer. For stoners who want to smoke on the move, this is the perfect alternative.

Wood- While it's quite uncommon, some potheads enjoy the classic aesthetic of wood. Although most wood bowls have a glass or metal connection, you may discover those that are fully composed of hardwood.

Ceramic bowls, like wood bowls, are uncommon, but they may give your bong a unique flair. There are even some ceramic bongs available! Ceramic does not contribute taste to your hits, is simple to clean, and can withstand several heating and cooling cycles. This old substance is much better than glass in absorbing and dissipating heat. It's also more durable than glass, but it's also heavier and always opaque if that's the effect you're aiming for.

Design and style

Once you've nailed down the joint size and type, as well as your preferred material, it's time to get creative with your style and design! This is a personal preference, but be sure that whichever bong bowl you select is simple to ignite and remove. To put it another way, you don't want to have to maneuver around huge heart accents or glass elephant ears, no matter how charming they are. The alternatives are unlimited, so select a highly fun and original design. From custom bong slides in the style of your favorite marine monster to glass bowls inspired by your favorite stoner TV series, the options are endless.


Easy G Glass's Marine Animal Bowls

Are you prepared to make a statement? Easy G Glass's accomplished glassblower Kyle Geise has skilfully fashioned these intoxicating glass bowls. His Marine Animal Bowls line is incredibly intricate and incorporates a range of glassblowing methods, including textural features and a blend of opaque and translucent colored glass. These one-of-a-kind bong bowls come in three different joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. To fulfill your aquatic fancies, choose from an otter, seahorse, turtle, blue whale, shark, squid, or orca.

Bowling for Beer

On a hot summer day, nothing beats a strong strain and a cool beer. The 14mm Beer Bowl combines the two, with a frothy foam ring, a dimpled rim, and a mug handle for added grip when removing it. This glass bowl piece is exceptionally deep for monster bong rips or passing along some buddies, yet being only 2.75 inches tall.

Bowl made with leaves

The Leaf Bowl, shaped like a pointed marijuana leaf, is a great way to show your support for the green goddess (you know the one). This beautiful glass bowl is created from green and clear translucent borosilicate glass and comes in 14mm and 18mm joint sizes. The bowl rests on top of the leaf pattern, preventing it from being too hot to touch while also giving a nice handhold for removing it when needed. The bowl is typical in size, making it ideal for most applications and solo sessions. Any old or boring bong will be spiced up with the Leaf Bowl.

Silicone Honeybee Bowl

Give yourself the gift of a Honeybee Silicone Bowl for hits as sweet as honey. This one-of-a-kind bong bowl has a glass blow encased in a heat-safe silicone covering that protects it from drops and dings when traveling. This bowl is compatible with both 14mm and 18mm female bong joints thanks to the silicone joint. Each bowl features an intricate beehive hovering on the side and comes in ten different color combinations, ranging from purple, green, and red to basic black, to complement any bong you possess.

Bowl, Bart

Every lover of the iconic cartoon will like TheBart Bowl, which is one of the greatest novelty bowls available. You could start getting into mischief if you take too many rips from this glass bowl, much like Bart Simpson. This bong bowl fits any water pipe with a 14mm female joint and is blown with translucent yellow glass to show off Bart's facial features and characteristic spiky hair. The bowl is larger than others and appears to continue on forever, despite the fact that it appears to have turned to ash. Picking up the Bart Bowl as a spare (or to watch a Simpsons marathon) for about $4.20 is a no-brainer!

Bowl of Medusa

Be warned: staring into the eyes of the Medusa Bowl and being enticed by her massive bong rips will turn you stoned. The two cobra heads and thick scaly skin on this 14mm glass bowl are so carefully created that you'll want to show them out. Two snakes are connected at the neck to make a flawless heart-shaped bong bowl that is bigger than others. The thick glass walls give extra durability so you don't have to worry about cracking while giving it a good clean. It's available in sleek opaque black glass or a crystal clear teal hue.

Now that you've learned about the many varieties of bong bowls and how to pick the best one for your glass bongs, it's time to go shopping! Bong bowls, micro bongs, silicone bongs, giant bongs, bubblers, vaporizers, dab rigs, herb grinders, rolling papers, e-rigs, dab pens, and more can be found at our online smoke shop.

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