Best Bong Brands - Which Bong Is Best?

by niedesheng

Best Bong Brands - Which Bong Is Best?
Bongs have a rich and legendary history. They’re literally been a smoking staple for hundreds of years. However, within recent years, their collective popularity has seen a significant increase. Bongs now have all kinds of modern, innovative features that eliminate the more unpleasant aspects of using them. And that's why they're more beloved and essential than ever.

What Should I Be Looking for in a Bong Brand?
Do you want hand blown glass? Do you want a dab rig or do you want a flower bong? Do you want a bong that can hit both concentrates and dry herb? Do you prefer bigger or smaller bongs? These are all questions and many more that you'll have to figure out the answer to before looking into which pieces to buy. However, with all that said, we can still make some recommendations.

While most pieces are not American made, or at least not produced in America, you can still get fantastic customer service and quality glass from all of the bong brands listed here. ( Note- there are some smaller, less known brands developing in the United States and beginning to make inroads into the marketplace that we're keeping an eye on)

Well, What Type of Bong Do I Want?
Good question, hey I get it, you're just here to get some quick answers on what bong brands you should go look at, so let me break it down for you:

Hand Held Pipes
They do their job, and they'll deliver a hit. But, if you don't want to acquire a throat tolerance, these may not be ideal as they do hit very harshly.

Moving up a weight class, bubblers are going to have a minimal amount of water filtration. Now, minimal or not, ANY amount of water filtration is going to take your smoking experience to a whole no dimension. So, if you're in the market for something either small or easy to handle this might be your best bet.
Glass Bongs or Water Pipe
Now bongs are more expensive and come in a few subcategories and have several factors to consider that we really get into in this article HERE, but these are some of the main points to consider:

Beaker Bongs
Your classic down stem right into the base of the beaker straight tube pipe. Most of these days, especially if they are using glass that's thicker than 2-3mm will be made with borosilicate glass.

Not much to be said for these guys, they'll hit you like an eighteen wheeler hits the guy on acid wandering out in traffic: Hard. The only comment we would make is that with these bongs you will have a much harsher smoking experience than with a bong with percolators.

This is best for the experienced stoner who is looking for a high quality piece.

Water Pipes
While these constitute the majority of the pieces we have listed below, in general the difference between a "water pipe," or bong, and a beaker bong is the percolator. While beakers don't have many if any percolators, water pipes will have significantly more filtration for your water and weed providing and exceptionally comfortable smoking experience.

Many of the water pipes are made with high quality, thick borosilicate glass.

Favorite Bongs and Brands to Consider:

Eaglebongs has been making some of the best scientific glass pieces and has become widely known for high quality and durable bongs. One of the newer manufacturers on the block, Eaglebongs bongs are one of our personal favorites here for best bong brands. They have been producing high quality collaborations and products with a wide range of glass and dab rigs for YEARS. With over 30 glass blowing experts and their unique design allowing for more volume inside of the pipe to cool your smoke, Eaglebongs is for sure a top of the line bong brand. If you're looking for clean and high performing glass, Eaglebongs has you covered.

When shopping online, you also have access to multiple different brands. Some brands definitely have a lead on the industry, especially in terms of price performance ratio. Eaglebongs is well-known for their attractive price. It offers a few unique options that are both high-quality and aesthetically pleasing to the minimalist’s eye, but their aesthetic focus shouldn’t be confused with lack of quality. All their products are made according to the highest standards, and although Eaglebongs is a newer competitor, they are quickly overshadowing many established brands with their finely detailed glasswork.

We live in the golden age of being a stoner. Marijuana is legal across much of the country. Intense strains of weed are available everywhere, and there is a renaissance in smoking apparatus development. Basically, no matter how many new techniques or devices come along, bongs will remain on the throne of smoking tools for many, many years to come. Its history, efficiency, artistry and flavor preservation (among many other features) have enchanted smokers for generations and will continue to for many more.