Benefits of Using a Bong to Smoke

by Liu Renhao

Benefits of Using a Bong to Smoke
Bongs have a long and illustrious history. For hundreds of years, they've been a smoking staple. However, their cumulative popularity has risen significantly in recent years. Bongs now come with a variety of sophisticated, creative features that make them less uncomfortable to use. That's why they're more popular and important than ever.

Furthermore, many people believe that bongs are the healthiest method to consume herbs in the "traditional sense." Many smokers consider the water filtering mechanism included into each bong to be an excellent carcinogen-removal method. Others just favor bongs for their adaptability, efficiency, unrivaled taste, and historical importance. And by "historical relevance," we mean its undisputed status as the "mother of all smoking devices" for millennia. What is there to compare it to? We know personally as an online headshop that bongs are the original smoker's go-to, and we have nothing but admiration and respect for them.

What Is It About Bongs That Makes Them So Popular?
The water filtering is one of the main reasons why most smokers choose a bong over a standard glass pipe. You risk breathing burned ash or tar while smoking cigars or conventional glass pipes. Simply said, it's a harrowing experience. No one has ever gone through this and said to themselves, "This is nice."

Fortunately, with bongs, you won't have to worry about this. The ash is trapped by the water. As a result, it immediately inhibits the trash and stops it from progressing any further, particularly into your mouth.

Bongs are also praised for their capacity to capture more than just ash. Bongs also have a good reputation for capturing and filtering dangerous carcinogens and smoke-borne pollutants that people who smoke with a normal pipe ingest. The smoke is additionally cooled before it reaches the mouthpiece thanks to the water filtering. As a consequence, it goes down easier and causes less irritation in our lungs and throats.

When comparing the experience of smoking a bong to that of a regular dry glass pipe, the bong is significantly smoother, colder, and more flavorful. Bubblers combine the mobility of a hand pipe with the superior filtering of a bong to give you the best of both worlds. Bongs are still preferable because to their simplicity of use and lower risk of clogging.

The importance of water filtration cannot be overstated.
Furthermore, the water in bongs aids in the removal of a significant amount of tar. This is why the water in bongs gradually gets a dark brown color. It's critical to maintain your bong clean in order to get the optimum filtration and cooling. Smoking through dirty bong water isn't pleasant, and it taints the taste and scent of even the best-quality plants and concentrates. Some people claim that smoking through a bong absorbs more of the therapeutic components found in common plants than smoking from a pipe. They also argue that since the bong water absorbs many of the chemicals, we will have to smoke more from a bong to attain the same benefits.

In recent years, bong technology has advanced dramatically. As a result, there are a plethora of innovative percolators, glycerin coils, and features available to optimize and improve our smoking experiences. Smoking from a bong with a simple percolator, for example, will produce very large bubbles with a little surface area. You have a lot larger surface area when utilizing a more modern percolator that creates fewer bubbles. As a result, you'll have superior filtration and cooler smoke.

We recommend using an ash collector with your bong for the smoothest hits. This provides even more filtration and smoother smoke, as well as trapping any ash before it reaches the bong. In the end, this maintains your bong clean and effective while also ensuring consistent, ideal performance.

What Is The Best Way To Smoke A Bong?
Let's face it: if you're a frequent online headshop client or a bong enthusiast, you probably already know how to use one. Have no fear, though, if you've just stumbled into the world of bongs. We've put up a step-by-step tutorial on smoking a bong like a seasoned pro.

Fill your bong halfway with water.
The quantity of water you'll need is determined on the kind and size of your bong. Filling the water slightly above any percolator or downstem on your bong is a good rule of thumb. Also, when your bong is fresh new or clean, fill it with a lot of water and inhale as forcefully as possible. Simply spit out the water that has been delivered directly into your mouth.

Rep till there is no more water in your mouth. You now have the ideal water level! And you'll remember that the next time you need to refill your bong.

2. Prepare your herbs by grinding them.
You can grind with your fingers, but a herb grinder will provide a consistent grind that won't clog your bowl. It's generally preferable to ground your herbs as finely as possible. Do not, however, ground them too finely to the point where they resemble dust. If you ground them too fine, they'll pass straight through your bowl piece's hole.

3. Arrange your herbs in a bowl.
The bowl is a funnel-shaped glass element that fits in the joint of your bong and contains the dried herbs. Fill this piece firmly but not too tightly with your ground herbs. If you pack it too tightly, air will get through. Always bring a tiny dish with you; you can always pack it again!

4. Start a fire
Place your lips over the mouthpiece while holding the bong with your dominant hand. To make an airtight seal, your lips should go within the mouthpiece. Activate your lighter and bring the flame to your plants while breathing. While circling the bowl with the flame, continue to inhale.

When you've inhaled your desired quantity of smoke, turn off the light. Pull the bowl from the bong after a few seconds and continue to inhale until the main chamber of the bong is clean.

That's all there is to it! You now know how to properly use a bong.

In other words, no matter how many new methods or technologies are developed, bongs will continue to reign supreme among smoking instruments for many years to come. Its history, efficiency, craftsmanship, and taste retention (among other characteristics) have charmed smokers for years and will continue to do so for many more.