Beginner's Guide to Bongs vs. Pipes: What Should You Buy in 2021 If You're a New Smoker

by Liu Renhao

Beginner's Guide to Bongs vs. Pipes: What Should You Buy in 2021 If You're a New Smoker

This is the first question that new smokers have: which is better, a bong or a pipe, and what should you purchase first? If you want to start smoking cannabis, read the article below to learn all you need to know about bongs and pipes.


Pipes are the quickest method to consume cannabis; they are compact and easy to transport, and all you have to do is place a little bit of cannabis in it and fire it up. It will fit well in any purse, handbag, or backpack. Pipes have various advantages: they are inexpensive, are composed of sturdy materials, and can be carried with you wherever you go.

It is not a large investment, and even if it is broken, the damage is not costly. You can simply learn how to use and safeguard your new technology. A pipe is significantly simpler to replace than a bong. When it comes to pipes, the most essential feature is the one-hitter, which is ideal for beginning smokers with a low tolerance level. The whole procedure is designed to mimic the act of smoking cigarettes, so it is simple to learn.

Pipes of higher grade
You may select from a variety of features, designs, and materials if you want to spend extra money on the pipe. If you plan on smoking cannabis for a long time, this is a wise purchase.
You may purchase a mini-bubbler, which is a water filter pipe. Because of its compactness, it's ideal for travel, and the pipe produces a bong-like effect.

Top-of-the-line filtration, sealable caps, and built-in tool storage are all features of higher-quality pipes. The sealable caps are a great feature since they prevent spillage, and when the pipe comes with built-in tool storage, cleaning it is a breeze.


Bongs are also known as water pipes, and since they are larger than pipes, they are more difficult to take in a suitcase or backpack. Bongs have advantages over pipes in that they produce smoke cooler and smoother on the lungs, which is especially useful for novice smokers. It's important to understand that filtered hits are better for your lungs. You may choose from a variety of innovative designs, but they are not as inexpensive as a pipe.

The bongs are substantially more costly, but you will have a whole different smoking experience that is more smoother and cooler. You can't obtain these things with a pipe. When a beginner smoker understands their boundaries, they will choose to smoke in a bong rather than a pipe since the bong smoking procedure is more easier. It is important to choose the ideal model for you; it is similar to purchasing a new pair of glasses in that it must match your lifestyle.

Bongs of higher grade
It's no secret that chilled smoke is preferable to cold smoke, which you may get by purchasing a bong with an ice catcher. This is a particularly useful function in the summer, when the sun shines almost every day. A chiller coil, ice catcher, and additional percolator are among the features of higher-end bongs, as are universal joints and replaceable components.

The silicone bong is now the greatest purchase since it is indestructible, collapsible, and portable. It contains pipe-like elements and is less costly than a bong.

The conclusion is simple: whatever form of smoking device is superior is solely determined by the needs of the clients. If you want a basic piece, a pipe will enough, but if you want to filter your smoke, a bong will suffice. If you're a beginning smoker, consider your requirements and how you see smoking, and you'll be well on your way to finding the appropriate item for you. Check out some V Syndicate grinders.