Back to Basics How To Use A Bong

by niedesheng

Back to Basics How To Use A Bong
If you ever remember your first bong experience, the first thought that comes to mind is probably how intimidating it was. If you only know how to use glass pipes or are a first-time bong user, it can be daunting when it feels like there are so many moving parts to get a nice bong rip. This is why we want to break it down for the newbies so your first time you’ll be toking it up like a champ!

Parts of a bong
There are many varieties of water bongs, yet the breakdown of it is simple: bowl, base, chamber, and mouthpiece. There are other additional aspects of a bong like ice catchers, percolators, and more – but the basic build of a bong only consists of a few parts.

Bowl: this holds your bud, and what you will be lighting up as well as removing prior to inhaling the smoke.

Base: this is the bottom of the bong that holds water and how the bong will sit when not in use.

Chamber: this is where the smoke accumulates and the place it travels up to right before you inhale. The smoke is processed in two parts when operating a bong – filling the chamber with smoke, then quickly inhaling and “clearing” the chamber.

Mouthpiece: the opening at the tube where your mouth is placed. This is the opening where you will inhale the smoke and pull it out of the chamber. When using the mouthpiece, place your lips inside the hole of the mouthpiece, not over the hole. Purse your lips a bit and gently insert into the hole so that your lips create an airtight seal to catch the smoke.

How to prepare a water bong
You can get any cheap glass bongs for sale and put some water into the base of the bong through the chamber, just enough to fill the downstem (the part between bowl and base). The water should always be higher than the downstem for a bubbling effect to occur when you start to inhale – feel free to experiment with different levels of water in your bong to see which hits work best for you. To test the level of water, take a quick and deep breath through the mouthpiece – it should easily bubble without the water reaching your lips.

Putting ice into your bong will give you cool, smooth bong rips which is ideal for beginners. Take a few ice cubes and put them through the hole at the mouthpiece and drop down the chamber. Spice up your smoking session by adding frozen fruit to your bong for a delicious flavor infusion!

Prepare your smoking material
Next, you will grind some herb and fill your bowl. It is important to grind your weed prior to putting into a bong bowl to ensure you will get a smooth hit. Although it is possible to put nugs into a bowl and smoke it, it is very wasteful and doesn’t burn evenly so taking the time to grind your marijuana is a step you don’t want to skip. If the bowl has been used previously, you will also want to make sure that any residue or remaining ash is removed from the bowl before adding your freshly grinded ganja.

Pro tip: make sure to remove any stems or seeds before grinding your Mary Jane, the more finely grinded your material is, the better! Get to know more about smoking accessories at

Pack the bowl
When you pack the bowl, you’ll want to loosely pack the bowl with your bud. If you overpack it and too tightly, you will have a difficult time pulling the smoke through the chamber. With practice, you’ll know what is a good-sized bowl for your liking.

After the bowl is packed, insert back into its hole where the downstem is or the part where it connects into the base of the bong.

How to take a hit
When preparing to take a hit from your freshly-packed bong, make sure that you have a steady grip on your bong and that it is placed on a flat surface or tucked between your legs to keep it sturdy. Taking your non-dominant hand, grab the chamber area of the bong that is most comfortable for you, and use it as a grip.

Using the technique mentioned above, put your lips into the mouthpiece and prepare yourself to begin inhaling, but don’t start to inhale just yet. Also, it should go without saying, but bong etiquette exists and you should participate. This means wiping your mouth and not slobbering all over the mouthpiece if you are smoking in a communal setting.

Grab your lighter and tilt it over the bowl, lighting one portion of the ground MJ. There is no need to light up the entire bowl, and you’ll smoke your contents more efficiently if you light up in sections. When lighting the ganja, you’ll begin to inhale and should start to see smoke accumulating in the chamber.

When you have enough smoke to your liking, remove the bowl with the same hand you used to light up the bong. When you remove the bowl, this is the moment you will inhale the smoke that is chilling in the chamber ready to shoot up to your mouth. If you are not able to inhale the smoke in one go, you can take as many hits as you need by covering the mouthpiece with your hand when needing to exhale. Experienced bong users take each hit in its entirety but there are levels to this and takes practice. Check out Smokersguide for some valuable tips on using smoking accessories like bongs.

After inhaling, make sure to calmly exhale and take it easy after taking a bong hit. Especially if you are new to this, bong rips tend to hit you in a crazy way so it is important to remember to remain calm. Coughing may be involved, and it may feel like you are malfunctioning but it is normal and it too shall pass. Congrats, you just learned how to take a proper bong rip!

Each bong is different and there are so many different variations of water bongs out there. This is a basic guide to how to use a bong and we hope it encourages you to get out there and start toking with confidence. Remember to breathe and enjoy the experience!


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