Advantages Of Smoking From A Bong

by niedesheng

Advantages Of Smoking From A Bong


Do you enjoy smoking Cannabis, but you’ve always used the conventional rolling paper? After reading this article, you may want to shelve your papers and take your Cannabis smoking experience to another level. Perhaps someone once recommended that you switch your method of smoking and buy glass bongs here for a better smoking experience, but you still need solid reasons to do that? You should know that many Cannabis smokers have changed their methods of smoking from the rolling paper when they try smoking with a bong. Maybe you also will join the trend when you finally give it a try. So, what exactly do you stand to gain by smoking from a bong? You should consider the following advantages:

Enhanced Sensory Experience

If you want to enjoy the flavor of your Cannabis to the fullest, you should opt for bongs. Its air-tight container prevents the flavor from escaping; hence, you get everything gushing directly into your mouth. The water in your bong will also help to filter out the particles in your smoke, leaving you with a pure, smooth smoke coming to your mouth. Since the water serves as a filter, it’ll help to get rid of the larger particles that may have found their way to your lungs if you smoke using rolling paper. If you want to get the full terpenes of your Cannabis flower, you should go for a bong.

They’re More Classic

If you’re a classic kind of person, you will want to try smoking with bongs. Bongs are beautifully designed and can be kept on the table in your room. When you are being visited by a friend who also smokes Cannabis, you can let them try using your bongs. This is a more classic way of smoking than the traditional rolling paper.

Helps You Save More Money

If you smoke with bongs, you’ll be saving more money. Bongs allow you to conserve your smoke, preventing them from escaping quickly.

Therefore, you can have a small quantity of Cannabis producing the same effect as that of a more substantial Cannabis smoked using paper. By smoking with bongs, a small plant matter will create the same effect as that of its larger counterpart using rolling paper. You can, therefore, save the extra money to purchase more potent Cannabis. If you smoke using paper rolling, you’ll have to spend extra getting those papers, and, of course, you can’t reuse the papers once they’re burnt. On the other hand, you don’t have to spend your money getting papers when you have bongs that you can use and reuse.

Smoking With Bongs Is Healthier

According to a research conducted by the University of Texas in collaboration with researchers from Harvard’s Schools of Public Health, it was discovered that two toxic substances are removed from Cannabis smoke when it is passed through water. The substances in question are acrolein and acetaldehyde. On the other hand, if you smoke using paper rolling, you’re more likely going to inhale these toxic substances.

Acrolein and acetaldehyde have negative impacts on the lungs when inhaled. They can destroy the principal defense cells of the lungs. They can also weaken the immune system in general. Therefore, if you want to reduce the negative impacts of smoking on your immune system, you should opt for smoking with bongs. Its water can help filter out some of these unhealthy substances, and you can have a smoother smoke.

They Help In Keeping Your Space Clean

When you smoke with rolling paper, you are likely going to dump the remnant of the paper on the floor after smoking. This means if you smoke continuously in a spot, you’ll have a lot of rolling paper loitering the space. You can avoid this by smoking with bongs. Since you don’t need any paper to smoke using bongs, you won’t be littering your environment, hence, keeping it clean. Aside from the papers, you will also have ashes around your home.

If you smoke in your home using rolling papers, you’re likely going to have a tray in the middle of your coffee table containing ashes from the smoke. This could remain there for long if you forgot to dump it and clean up your tray. Bongs, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to keep trays for ashes, since smoking with it produces no ash. If you smoke with bongs, all the ashes will be dissolved in water.

These are some of the advantages of smoking using bongs.

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