A Smoker's Guide to Improvisation

by Liu Renhao

A Smoker's Guide to Improvisation
Everyone has experienced the frustration of being unable to locate vital information. Even the most conscientious smoker understands how simple it is to lose essential smoking accessories. This is obviously twice as aggravating. Glass pipes, grinders, and even lighters might be tough to come by on the spur of the moment. And in difficult circumstances, extreme means are necessary.

Fortunately, there are various options for dealing with these unusual issues. These can make enduring quarantine a lot easier, especially since we're spending a lot more time inside these days. Basically, you may swap everyday household products for the ingredients you normally use. Furthermore, being an internet headshop, we believe ourselves to be smokey specialists. These are some of our favorite products to utilize for all of your smoking requirements around the home.

Paper Clips No. 1

Resin will build up in your glass pipe or bong after a few uses. When you're in the thick of a smoking session, taking a break to clean it isn't an option. Paper clips can very handy in this situation.

You may pick out the resin within the glass pipe and carb with the end of a paper clip, restoring normal air flow.

2. Alcohol for Rubbing

Your smoking experience will be considerably harmed if your pipe is unclean. By the time the smoke reaches your lips, it has been inhibited and diluted due to the presence of a lot of resin. There are many reasons to clean your pipe, but this is one of the most crucial. Isopropyl alcohol is perfect for emergency cleaning when you've run out of real cleaning solutions. Soaking your artwork in it is a simple method to begin the cleaning process and remove resin quickly.

Cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol may be used to clean pipes with excessive resin. Clear the residue with the cotton wipes next. Cotton swabs may be used to clean glass pipes that have too much resin. With an ash catcher, you can also be proactive in avoiding resin collection.

3. Vinegar, White

Although rubbing alcohol is effective in dissolving resin, it will not completely remove all of the stains that build within a bong. For removing water stains from heavy usage, white vinegar is the best common home item. This is true for both the inside and outside of your bong.

Scissors are the fourth item on the list.

Grinders are one of the Holy Grail items for smokers. Trying to convert your herbs to a compact, smokeable form without a grinder may be agonizing. Obviously, you may be able to breakdown them with your hands to a degree. Scissors, on the other hand, are the greatest grinder substitute. You may also break it down more effectively with finer blades.

And, although scissors are a good option, they don't have the same versatility as a grinder. There isn't an underground kief-catching container to gather the herb's most powerful parts.

Tweezers (number 5)

Sometimes the smoking experience necessitates pulling out your rolling papers to light a joint. What if you don't have your roach clip with you?

In an emergency, tweezers may be used in place of a roach clip. They're the right size to hold the joint and save your fingertips from burning.

Mason Jars (nine)

Mason jars aren't simply for hipsters to drink out of.

Mason jars are well-known for their ability to form a totally airtight seal, making them ideal for preserving herbs with strong scents. In fact, you may take your herbs out of the plastic bags entirely. Make sure the container isn't exposed to direct sunlight.

Business Cards No. 7

Take a business card the next time an aggressive marketer offers you one. Take two, if possible.

You're certain to spill some herb, no matter how careful you are. Rather of picking up each individual piece with your fingers, a business card will help you scrape it all together and store it for the next smoking session.

A business card may also be used as a temporary filter if you're smoking a joint.

8. Dryer Sheets And Toilet Paper Rolls

Do you want to try something new? You'll want to put your seatbelt on for this one.

A toilet paper roll might be your savior if you're trying to mask the scent of smoke. Fill the toilet paper roll with a few (three or four) dryer sheets to produce this "sploof." Then, using twine, tape, or a rubber band, wrap another dryer sheet over the whole toilet paper roll.

This improvised device will keep the stench of cigarette smoke out of your house.


Hardcore smokers should constantly be on the lookout for DIY methods to broaden their expertise. When you're in a hurry, keep these pointers in mind. Remember that, although these suggestions are useful in a hurry, they are not a replacement for the tools they replace.

Have you come up with any ingenious ways to quit smoking? Please get in touch with us to let us know!

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