A Guide On Best Glass Pipes For Beginners

by niedesheng
A Guide On Best Glass Pipes For Beginners
Hand pipes in olden days are said to be stylish and classic. It is one of the oldest smoking devices that is loved by takers for decades. Glass pipes are great inception into the world of bongs. They are both functional and beautiful. They are compact and aesthetically appealing. They come in different styles and colours. With the legalization of bongs and cannabis, it is easy to get diverted by the cool glass pipes available in the market.

The main advantage of the glass pipes are they come in simple portable form and in different versions, where you can use it with or without water. If you are looking for a quick sesh, then you can use chillums, stream rollers and spoons for a dry and clean toke.

If you are a novel buyer of glass pipes, you would be potentially confused with the options that are available in front of you. If you need to narrow down the best one for you, here are a few tips on how you can do them:

Why Only The Best Glass Pipes?

If you are looking for an ultimate smoking experience, glass is the best choice of material you can choose. As a novel cannabis user, you may wonder what the big difference will be you will experience when smoking through glass or other materials. Yes, you will really experience a wonderful feel when smoking from the glass. The smoke that flows through the glass will be much cooler and smoother when compared to that of using other materials. If you fear of the glass getting cracked due to excess heat, it is imperative that you know that the material used to make these pipes is borosilicate glass. This glass is used to cook directly on fire or use in microwave. If it can withstand that heat, then you don’t have to get worried about it getting cracked with a small heat emitted while smoking.

Borosilicate Glass Can Withstand More Abrasion Than That Of A Traditional Glass.

Although it is a sturdy material, it can be molded easily into a variety of shapes. That is why you can find large numbers of different types of glass pipes in the market in recent days.
Glass Pipes Are Always Safe

Glass can handle both porosity and heat. Glass has remarkable properties for heat transfer. In spite of the heat produced, you will still find it easy to hold the pipe when you are smoking. This is mainly because heat doesn’t transfer as it does for a metal pipe. When you look through a microscope, most of the glass would look like Swiss cheese with crannies and nooks that are ready to hold bacteria and harmful germs. But it is not so in the case of Borosilicate. Borosilicate will look seamless and will have no holes to hide the bacteria.

Supporting Glass Makes And Artists

Borosilicate glass, as already described, is versatile enough to mold into different shapes.

But to deal with Glass it requires a certain amount of expertise. Not only do you create an enjoyable smoking experience when you buy a glass pipe, but you also are playing a major role in supporting the glassmakers and artists.

Glassblowing is handled by professional glass masters. These glass masters involve in creating a unique piece that not only makes the user comfortable but also makes it look beautiful in their hands.

It isn’t easy as you think to work on glass, especially on small pieces like a one-hitter. Artists must also utilize different color forms to guarantee it is bright when applied on the Glass and is also non-toxic.

Now that you know everything about glass pipes, it’s time to purchase one for yourself!