7 Reasons to Get a Bong for Under $100

by 聂德生

7 Reasons to Get a Bong for Under $100

For serious smokers, purchasing a new piece is a significant event. Smokers form a bond with their cigarettes as a result of numerous beneficial shared experiences. After weeks (or even months) of deliberation, purchasing your new item is a satisfying and unforgettable experience. Bongs have become the most popular way to smoke due to their comfortable grip and pleasant experience. While they may not have the same attractiveness as the most costly bongs, less priced bongs offer their own set of advantages. Continue reading to find out why you should add bongs under $100 to your collection.

Bongs for less than $100

Because of their popularity, many physical and online headshops offer bongs at exorbitant costs. Exaggerating glass quality is a simple way to mislead buyers, especially without common quality criteria. Our online headshop, Eaglebongs, sells bongs for under $100. We want to remind our consumers that among the many bong alternatives available, there is something for everyone.

Why Should You Buy Bongs Under $100?

1. They're Cost Effective

It may seem apparent, but practically all heavy smokers can purchase bongs around $100.

Some smokers may feel that their budget will limit them to a glass pipe or a bubbler, but a bong may still be within their budget. Silicone bongs are less expensive than glass water pipes, thus online headshops offer them for less. Similarly, smaller bongs constructed of the same high-quality glass as more costly bongs are available.

You may vary your collection without breaking the wallet by acquiring bongs under $100.

2. Use as a Bong on the Go

Without some quality smoking time, what good is a toker road trip?

A bong is just as important as a luggage and clothing for many smokers. However, many individuals are naturally hesitant to travel with such a delicate and costly item.

Bongs under $100 are excellent travel bongs since they are less expensive to replace. You may keep your main pieces secure at home while continuing to smoke on a daily basis. Bongs are an excellent complement to any journey, whether you're heading to a friend's house or travelling across the country. Remember to bring your ash catcher!

3. Smoking Is Still A Pleasure

Bongs aren't chosen for their aesthetic value (although they do look awesome). Smoother hits are possible thanks to the water filtering, which is done without causing any difficulty. This advantage is not jeopardized by lower pricing.

All of the fundamental components of a conventional bong are included in bongs under $100.

Smokers load (and eventually ignite) the dried herb in this bowl. The bowl may be removed to let the smoke to pass through the body.

A bong's base, which might be round, ovalur, or any other form. The water chamber in the base is where the smoke is filtered.

Carb: A hole in the bong's base that permits smoke to flow from the bong's base to the smoker's mouth and lungs. After the bowl is removed, the carb is seen.

The slender tube that links the bowl to the bong's base is known as the downstem.

The portion that links the base to the mouthpiece is known as the body/tube. Percolators and other extra filters are usually found in the downstem.

4. Sturdy Glass

Despite their low price, these bongs are made of high-quality glass. While they may not withstand a ten-foot plunge, they will surely outlast other glass pipes in terms of wear and tear.

5. Percolator Alternatives

Percolators are one of the most crucial factors to consider while choosing a bong. The smoke goes via percolators after going through the water chamber. These percolators help to chill the smoke and provide a smooth hit.

While the percolators on less priced bongs may not be as attractive or diverse as those on more expensive bongs, they are still available.

6. It's also great for everyday use.

Different smokers have various attitudes on their smoking behaviors. Others choose to store their best pieces for special occasions, while some want to smoke them every day. Bongs under $100 are an important part of that jigsaw from this standpoint.

Bongs under $100 are ideal for everyday usage, even if they lack the cutting-edge attributes of higher-end goods. They're perfect for relaxing smoking sessions without going overboard.

7. Set aside funds for herb purchases.

What good is a bong if it's not filled with herbs?

When you buy a bong for under $100, you can spend your money more wisely. This entails having more weed as well as the ability to burn it.

Bongs for less than a hundred dollars are available now.

Every smoker has a unique experience. Bongs under $100, on the other hand, have a timeless worth for everyone. Adding a low-cost bong to your collection will allow you to experience the benefits of filtration without breaking the bank. For more information about our bong collection, please contact us.

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