6 Quick Tips on Dabbing Etiquette

by 聂德生

6 Quick Tips on Dabbing Etiquette
The dab rig has surpassed the bong and the bowl as one of the most popular smoking accessories! Smoking from a dab rig is superior than vaping for smokers who want to taste the flavor of their concentrates. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned dabber, there are a few fundamental rules to observe in the dabbing circle. Keep your dab rig in top shape and be nice by following these dabbing and concentration etiquette recommendations!

1. Bring Your Own Concentrates to the Table

Allow others to serve you if you're dabbing with their concentrates (unless they tell you otherwise). It's critical to ensure that you're not overdoing it!

2. Use Dabs at a Low Temperature

Choosing what temperature to dab at is one of the most difficult aspects of dabbing. High-temperature dabs are popular among dab fans because of the massive vapor clouds they produce. Others, on the other hand, like low-temperature dabs for a more delicious smoke.

It's ideal to maintain your dabs at a low temperature in a broad circle, regardless of whatever camp you're in. High temps are to blame for a lot of the problems people encounter when they have a bad dab experience. Dabbing at high temperatures, for example, can cause throat, chest, and lung pain.

Setting a timer to know how long to let the nail cool is one method to achieve this. You'll like the flavor, and you'll ensure that no one else who uses your dab rig has an unpleasant time.

3. Don't forget to bring your dab supplies.

It's never a good idea to turn up to a dab session empty-handed! These dabbing accessories may take your (and your fellow dabbers') dabbing experience to the next level.

Your dab rig will be useless if you don't have a dab nail. The concentrates are heated by using the hot dab nail. Quartz dab nails have the greatest flavor and are the least likely to cause injury. With a domeless design, quartz bangers take this to the next level, allowing you to vaporize massive concentration dosages. Ceramic, titanium, and glass may all be used to make dab nails.

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Carb Cap: Carb caps are required for the complete dabbing experience. Carb caps keep your dab nail from coming into contact with the air. As a result, dabbing is easier at lower temperatures.

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Dabbers: These cylindrical instruments are used for transferring concentrates into the nail. Quartz, titanium, or ceramic are the most common materials used.

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The main goal of dabbing is to heat up your concentrates to a high temperature. As a result, a lighter will not suffice. It's for this reason why having a dabbing light on hand is essential.

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Dab Rig Mat: Dab rigs may be rather costly. You'll want to keep your rig secure whether you're smoking your own or a friend's. Silicone dab mats act as a buffer between the rig and a hard surface, such as a table or the floor. The non-stick surface is also useful for preventing the loss of concentrates. There are a plethora of unique dab mat designs to choose from, all of them are a fun way to display your passions!

4. Keep the Dab Rig Away From the Flame

Keeping an open flame close to your bong or dab setup is never a smart idea. Rapidly changing from hot to cold conditions might cause damage to the glass. This is especially important while dabbing because torches are much hotter than lighters!

To keep your dab rig safe, heat the dab nail instead of the rig itself. Also, after the dab nail has been heated, do not contact it directly! It will keep its heat for a few minutes after you've dabbed it, so wait until it's completely cool before touching it.

5. Prepare the Dab Rig for the Next Dabber by cleaning it and pre-heating it.

Stale vapor is the worst thing you can do to a dab setup. While you don't have to complete the smoke in one hit, you should make sure the dab rig is free of all smoke before passing it on.

Another simple approach to extend your kindness to the next smoker in line is to heat the dab nail for the next dabber.

6. Clean the Dab Rig on a Regular Basis

In the smoking circle, courtesy is essential! Because dab rigs may get dirty over time, it's important to clean them on a regular basis. There are a variety of cleaning treatments available to remove any muck, making dabbing healthier and more pleasurable.

BONUS: Only use top-of-the-line dab rigs.

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