6 Fruits to Smoke (and How to Smoke Them!)

by Liu Renhao

6 Fruits to Smoke (and How to Smoke Them!)

Eaglebongs has amassed a loyal following of smokers over the years. As an online head store, we have a profound admiration for pioneer smokers who combine science and artistry to produce one-of-a-kind smoking experiences.

We made a pumpkin bong in October of 2018. This was mostly done in the spirit of experimentation. We'll never completely abandon our cherished glass pipes and bongs. Smoking from a fruit, on the other hand, was a delightful way to improvise with limited ingredients. The capacity to sculpt a bowl out of a fruit, like rolling a joint, is a one-of-a-kind life talent. It's a unique technique to smoke without having to use a glass pipe.

Is it better to have a fruit bong or a fruit bowl?

You have two choices for most fruits. You can create a fruit bong or a fruit bowl, depending on your tastes (or your game-time sentiments on the subject).

Fruit bowls are often easier to make and need few (if any) additional materials. A separate downstem or bowl may be required for fruit bongs. If you like the smooth hits of a bong, it's worth it.

The Top 6 Fruits to Smoke (and How)

1. The apple

With an apple bowl, if done properly, you will receive a strong draw. Apples are the most prevalent fruit, and they're also the most preferred fruit for smoking. If you've been a dedicated smoker for a long time, you've probably seen or done someone smoking from an apple.

Instructions: To make an apple bowl, start by drilling a hole from the top down to the middle. This is where the dried herb is placed in the bowl. You should also chop the apple's top off to provide extra room for your dried herbs.

The second stage is to drill a hole from the apple's side into the middle, which will connect to the bowl chamber. Finally, make a channel for the carb hole on the side of the mouthpiece. Unbelievably, a fruity smoking apparatus has been created!

A man uses a knife and a plastic tube to make an apple bong.

2. The Pear

A pear, when seen horizontally, resembles a glass pipe bowl.

To begin, poke a hole in the centre of the pear using a pen. Continue digging until you reach the pear's center. This is where the bowl may be placed (or your dry herbs).

Next, drill a second hole in the top of the pear, deep enough to connect the two holes.

Finally, on the side of the bowl piece, cut a channel that will serve as the carb. Make sure all three chambers are connected – that's the only way to receive a hit! Remember that any smoking gadget must have enough ventilation. Keep this in mind to ensure optimal performance.

Smoke your new pear pipe just as you would a regular glass pipe.

3. The avocado

Avocados have acquired a lot of cultural momentum in the last few years. People are spreading them on toast, putting them in burritos, and just eating them on their own. They're also a terrific method to smoke without using a glass pipe, which is unsurprising.

Instructions: The commencement of this procedure is identical to that of other fruits. Begin by poking a hole through the avocado's top (the thin section) and into the core.

Then, on the side that will act as the carb, create an incision.

Finally, create a bowl region on the top of the avocado (above the pit).

Add another avocado for the biggest hits. Make a bowl extension out of the second avocado to maximize the quantity of dried herbs you may use. Place this item in the bowl area and turn it on.

4. Jalapeno pepper

Have you ever observed that a love of dried herbs and a taste for spicy cuisine go hand in hand? While it might be difficult to come across a jalapeo in a rush, they make excellent last-minute bowls. If you're a spicy cuisine fan, making the bowl could be enjoyable as well.

To begin, cut off the top of the jalapeo and remove the stem. This should result in a rather hollow tunnel running through the pepper's center. If not, you may have to make a few more cuts.

To make another chamber, bite the opposite side's tip.

And there you have it! The mission has been completed! Place your herb in the spot where the stem used to be, and light up.

While it isn't quite the same as a glass pipe, this one-hitter will come in handy in a need. In general, we can all agree that one hit is preferable than none.

Squash (5 points)

Squash is another fruit that isn't always easy to come by, but is perfect for replacing a glass pipe. Squash pipes are simple and enjoyable to use due to their advantageous design.

The first step is to cut a diagonal hole from the thickest section of the fruit to the thinnest part.

The next step, like with the other fruits, is to cut a hole in the side for the carb. Make sure these two pieces are connected.

Carve a mouthpiece on the opposite end of the squash that links to the other incisions.

Pineapple, number six

Pineapples are an excellent fruit for an improvised bong because of their size.

Next, cut the pineapple in half and remove the core. In the centre, there should be a hollow area that is somewhat round.

Create another downward-angled hole on the side of the pineapple using a tiny but accurate knife. Replace the downstem with a downstem from a broken bong you may have on hand. You may also use plastic tubing or another hollowed-out cylindrical fruit.

Then, at the bottom of the downstem, place a bowl.

Fill the pineapple with water as you ready to finish it. Then, at the top, place the mouthpiece. You may use a fresh bong mouthpiece or another fruit for this phase.

Take a hit and make any necessary adjustments to your water levels. You could even prefer this piece to your glass pipe because of the tropical flavor.

bong with a pineapple motif

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