5 tips for beginners in dabbing

by niedesheng

5 tips for beginners in dabbing

Want to try mini dab rigs but are a little nervous? Try these simple tricks that will help you through.

If you don't have a lot of experience with concentrates, the thought of dabbing can raise concern. Buy wax, understand everything about the rig ... a Bunsen burner?! Fortunately, dabbing isn't that difficult, and these tips should help you transition smoothly.

Quite a few of the people who have become used to dabbing say they prefer the taste and feel they experience a clearer, stronger euphoric high. 

Because of the strength of concentrates, they can provide quick and effective relief for medicinal purposes.


These are the necessary accessories for dabbing:

Rig / bong

A "nail" - that fits on or into the connection of your bong.

Essentially, it's a tube with a small rim to melt your concentrate.

A "stick" (dabber) - a tool to pick up your concentrate and dab it on the nail.

A bunsen burner

If you've never used your equipment before, make sure to dab your nail. This will help you avoid the bad taste when you inhale and thus create a more pleasant experience. It is similar to burning in a frying pan. Heat your nail up to 260 ° C and cover your nail with either the concentrate or with hemp oil and then let it cool down. Do this 2-3 times to burn it in well. Some people just toss the nail in the water after it is heated and repeat this a few times.

Now that your nail is burned in, place it in your rig and heat it up with your bunsen burner. Dab the concentrate on your nail with your dabber while you inhale. Don't try to take the nail out like you do with a bong. You will burn your fingers. Some nails use a so-called "dome", which fits on the nail and thus helps to trap the steam. These parts can be quite complicated and some pass off as a beautiful piece of art.

Other rig models use a pan, where the pan is heated with the Bunsen burner and then swiveled into the correct position. To get as much steam as possible, inhale at the same time that you dab the concentrate on the pan.

By purchasing a pen vaporizer or electric nail that will set the temperature to vaporize your concentrate, you can eliminate the fire entirely.


Concentrates are more effective than the flowers. When you smoke the buds, you also burn the organic parts of the plant that contain less THC - usually around 20%. The concentrate is made from the part of the flowers that has the highest THC content, so it can contain up to 60-99%, depending on the extraction method. This is why it is so important for anyone with limited experience with concentrates to take a small dose. Start with just enough to cover the end of your dabber and build from there.


Because concentrates have higher THC levels, some people tend to be more anxious when dabbing. It can take some time to get used to, and usually knowing that you are becoming more anxious will let that feeling subside as you build tolerance.

The effectiveness can also prolong the high for a few hours. Wherever you are, prepare to spend some time there before planning any activities. Knowing your dosage will allow you to know when to be ready to take action. If this is your first few times, plan to stay home for an hour to a few hours.


If you want your first time dabbing to be enjoyable, be ready to enjoy your high. After the nails are heated to around 482 ° C, the throat may scratch a little. Make sure you always have enough water on hand to cool you down. Always prepare some snacks as well. Some people can get dizzy when they start dabbing, so organize some nibbles to help you out of this situation.


Nobody wants the rig to get dirty, so take the time to clean it properly after each use . Heat your nail and wipe it with a clean rag or alcohol wipes. You can also heat the nail with the Bunsen burner to burn off the sticky residue. Do not scratch your nail, because the scraped off metal can eventually get into your concentrate (depends on your nail).

When you've cleaned everything and want to save the rest of your concentrate, use parchment paper, not wax paper, for storage. Wax can melt into the concentrate, making it difficult to scrape off later; this problem does not exist with parchment paper.

There is no need to worry about dabbing; it can be a pleasant experience while also providing quick relief to your medical condition. Treat your rig and yourself properly and you'll be a dabbing pro before you even know it. Relax and have a good time.

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