5 Glasses That Every Smoker Should Have

by Liu Renhao

5 Glasses That Every Smoker Should Have
What method do you use to smoke? Most individuals choose their favorite piece of glass and stay with it for the most part, only deviating when absolutely necessary. However, on rare occasions, merely changing things up for diversity might be a refreshing shift for your endocannabinoid system. Furthermore, if you can, it's wonderful to be able to give visitors their chosen smoking, vaping, or dabbing option when they visit your house. Here are five timeless pieces of glass that every dedicated smoker should have in their collection. If not for your visitors, then do it for yourself! Variety is the spice of life, and it's good to switch up your inhalation tactics from time to time.

One-Hit Wonder

A one-hitter, often known as a chillum, is the simplest thing on this list to handle. It's a straight pipe with an end-to-end channel that's usually only good for one hit (hence the name). The fundamental distinction between a chillum and a pipe is that a chillum lacks the little hole on the side that a regular pipe has (this is called a carb).

Blunt Glass

The glass blunt, maybe the most underappreciated smoking gadget of all time, is a very effective and unusual method to smoke cannabis. While it isn't the most conservative in terms of stash management, it is without a doubt one of the most powerful pieces of glassware on the list, second only to the bong. As with a one-hitter, you stuff the glass blunt from the top and then use the slide to both inhale and push the cherry upward to ash.


A traditional pipe, sometimes known as a spoon pipe, is a glass tube of different sizes and shapes with a bowl at one end for holding burning cannabis or tobacco and a tiny carb hole on the side. This little hole exists to assist you in swiftly clearing smoke from the chamber while inhaling. As a result, the overall procedure would be as follows:

1. Use your finger to cover the carb cap.

2. Place the dish to your lips.

3. Light the marijuana

4. Slowly inhale as the pipe fills with smoke.

5. Take your finger off the carb and quickly inhale to clean the chamber.


A glass bubbler is a great way to combine the mobility of a conventional hand pipe with the power of a bong. It's one of the more adaptable alternatives on the list, with the ability to add water or use it as a dry pipe. Bubblers are often bigger than your regular pipe, but much smaller than a bong. The size of dab rigs will be same.


A bong, often known as a water pipe, is a cannabis-smoking filtering device. The smoke flows through the water and bubbles up into the chamber as the user inhales, before being cleaned. Bongs are usually made up of at least two parts: a bigger tube (which carries the water) and a smaller bowl (which stores the ground buds). Bongs come in a variety of forms and sizes, but they're usually on the bigger side, making them ideal for usage at home.

Rig for dabbing

A dab rig is a water pipe that is intended exclusively for concentrates. The main distinction is that a dab rig normally has a male joint, while a bong usually has a female joint (male joints are ideal for adding a titanium nails). A dab rig is often smaller than a bong but bigger than a pipe, and it looks a lot like a bubbler.

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Obtain the Smoking Devices of Your Dreams

We are living in the golden era of stonerdom. Marijuana is legal in most of the United States. There is a renaissance in the production of smoking gear, and there are intense strains of cannabis accessible everywhere.