4 Tips for the First-Time Dabber

by Liu Renhao

4 Pointers for First-Time Dabbers

Dabbing has taken over the smoking world.

It's becoming nearly as popular as the bong these days as a means to savor the tastes and scents of concentrates. If you're new to dabbing, though, it doesn't seem to be nearly as interesting. It may, in fact, seem quite overpowering. Outsiders may find dabbing intimidating since it requires a highly precise collection of equipment, supplies, and methods. But don't be alarmed! Dabbing isn't tough, and you can do it on a cheap. It's also not too complicated.

Read on for advice for first-time dabbers, and you'll be dabbing like a pro in no time.

Get to Know Your Rig

Make sure you're familiar with the dab rig you're using. Get to know your dab setup as much as possible. The rig (or bong) is the first and most important component. Then there's the nail, which is designed to go over or within your bong's glass fitting. It's essentially a tube with a slight ridge for melting concentrates.

Begin small.

Keep in mind that concentrates are much more powerful than plants. When you smoke flowers, you're also burning the plant's organic portion, which contains less THC - typically about 20%. Concentrate is made from the section of the flower with the most THC, therefore it may contain anywhere from 60 to 99 percent THC, depending of the extraction procedure. This is why folks who have little expertise with concentrates should start with minimal dosages. Begin with just enough to cover the end of your dabber and gradually increase the amount.

Relax for a few moments.

Because concentrates include a greater concentration of THC, those who dab are more likely to feel uncomfortable. It may take some time to acclimate to this, but merely acknowledging that you may feel more worried beforehand will help alleviate those sensations as you increase your tolerance.

The strength of the drug might make the high persist for many hours. Prepare to spend some time at your current location before planning any activities. You'll be able to tell when you're ready to be active after you've figured out your dose. Plan to remain at home for a couple of hours if it's your first time.

Maintain a Clean Environment

Nobody wants their gear to become filthy, so take the time to thoroughly clean it after each usage. Clean your nail with a clean towel or alcohol wipes after heating it. You may also use the torch to burn off the sticky residue on the nail. Scraping your nail will ultimately start scraping metals into your concentrate (depending on your nail).

When you've finished cleaning up and want to preserve the remainder of your concentrate, use parchment paper instead of wax paper. Wax may bond with the oil, making subsequent dabs harder to remove; parchment paper catches the oil and allows you to scrape it off without accumulating any wax.

Toker Supply - Final Thoughts

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